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Article Writing Is Not About Being A Writer 


The first thing you have to realize with article marketing is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to write your own articles.  Don’t make the mistake that a lot of internet marketers do when writing articles.  That is, you don’t need to use big or fancy words from the thesaurus to impress or capture your reader’s interest.


Remember this, the time that you have with your readers is limited and if you use big words to impress them, you just might turn them off enough where they will click away.  Keep your writing style simple and easy to understand, don’t make the mistake of giving them a dictionary description of your theme or niche.

Your articles should flow with informative ideas and interests about your niche theme.  Provide useful information and tips that will allow your readers to obtain answers to their questions.  Keep this in mind as well when writing your articles - Your articles are not about selling a product or service, they are about giving information and tips that will be beneficial to your readers.

Think about this, “Write First, Think Later”.

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