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How To Get Free Website Traffic With Internet Article 



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As an online marketer you already know that you are in desperate need of targeted website traffic.  Without targeted website traffic your just spinning your wheels for nothing wasting money and valuable time.  So, the question at hand would be, is it possible to generate free website traffic that is targeted towards your sites subject or niche theme?


The answer, yes.  You can promote your website products or services for free and still generate targeted website traffic.  Using the free method of internet article marketing you can increase website traffic which in turn will help increase your sales.   Internet article marketing is one of the best strategies I know to get website traffic.

Basically, internet article marketing is all about writing articles that correlate with your own website theme.  After writing your articles you simply submit them to free article directories that publish your articles onto the internet.  This may sound complicated and difficult if you have never done it before, but it is relatively easy to accomplish.

Each article that you write and have published will have a link to your own website.  This link also gives your readers the option to gain further information on your products or services.  Also, as you continue to write and publish more articles the number of links pointing to your website increases as well, which ultimately works hand in hand with your search engine optimization efforts.

Another added advantage is the fact that if you continue writing articles they can also be picked up by other internet marketers, thereby appearing on different websites or blogs.  This also increases the links that are pointing to your website, something that the search engines consider as being important.  So, by increasing the number of incoming links to your website, the better your site placement will be with search results.

Once your articles are published, they are also indexed by the search engines.  To increase website traffic, you will need to optimize your articles with profitable keyword phrases.  The keyword phrases will help in getting targeted website traffic when someone performs a search with your profitable keywords.

You will still need effort, time and most of all patience to get free website traffic through internet article marketing.   Put together an action plan for your internet article marketing and set aside an hour a day to write your articles.  If you want to create free website traffic for your online business, than having an action plan is the best course of action for you.

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