How To Improve The Effectiveness of Article Marketing

How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Article Marketing 


Many internet marketers have a hard time understanding how article marketing will benefit them.  To most people article marketing is just about writing content and not about using strategies that will increase the responsiveness of their articles.  By including the following information with article marketing, you can improve the effectiveness of your articles and drive targeted traffic to your site.  

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First, you must gather and list all the keyword phrases or long tail keywords that pertain to the niche of your website.  Before you even begin writing your articles you should have a list of long tail keywords that you can use with your articles.  Using keyword phrases or long tail keywords will help your articles rank better with the search engines.

How do people find your articles?  Most people are going to find your articles through the search engines, article directories and ezines.  If you are using keyword phrases or long tail keywords in your articles, that is how they will find them.  Having the right keywords in your articles is vital for your article marketing efforts to be successful.

You should be using keyword software such as Traffic Travis or similar software that will help to locate and compile all your long tail keywords.  You can also use google adwords for free to start with as this will also help locate keywords for you.  Locating the correct long tail keywords is part of the key strategy that you need to use with article marketing.

Keyword density is another thing that your keyword software will help you with.  Keyword density is basically how many times your keyword phrases are listed within your article.  One simple way that works for me is to have your keywords written in five percent of your total word count of your article.  

Let’s say that your article is four hundred words in length, so you would times four hundred by five percent which equals twenty.  That is approximately how many times your keyword phrases need to be within in your article. That will give your article a good ratio and still not have your article considered as keyword stuffing.

Your article needs to be an average four hundred to eight hundred words in length.  This is pretty much an acceptable standard for internet articles.  If your articles are less than four hundred words than they might not be accepted by article directories.  If they are longer than eight hundred words you might lose the interest of your readers by boring them.

The next thing that you want to concentrate on is the content of your article.  In order for your article marketing strategy to be successful, you need valuable content in your articles that is easy to understand for your readers.  Give your readers something interesting, facts on your niche subject, even be controversial and entertaining.  But most importantly, you must remember to keep it simple.

For many internet marketers who tried and failed with article marketing, the question is why?  Nobody will really knows the answer unless you can read the articles they have written.  Also, you would have to know the total number of articles that they have written with their own article marketing campaign.

Many internet marketers, especially affiliate marketers begin an article marketing campaign for their online business by only writing a few articles.  They expect immediate results from a few articles, and when nothing happens they give up easily.  Also, it is probably a sure thing that almost all the articles that they wrote were not optimized for search engine results based on long tail keywords for their niche subject.

By following these basic strategies of article marketing, you will begin to see a difference with your articles.  The overall effectiveness of article marketing will take shape if you continue to write articles and use long tail keywords based on your niche.  Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight by writing articles.  Article marketing is an ongoing strategy when done correctly, will help you to generate targeted traffic and increase sales for your online business.


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