Article Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic

 Article Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic



There are many ways that you can get the most out of article marketing and increase website traffic through your articles.  If you use article marketing the right way your articles should easily get website traffic and at the same time brand yourself as an authority within your topic.  The following tips will be able to help you achieve better results and increase website traffic with your articles:



1.  The first thing you need to do is choose the right keyword phrases
You want people to be able to find the articles that you have written, and in order to do this you need to have the right keyword phrases in place.  The most common search terms used by people when performing a specific search on the internet are a combination of word phrases.  Therefore you need to concentrate on finding keyword phrases that are relevant to your website or theme.

Your goal is to find keyword phrases that are low in competition, but still get plenty of traffic from people who use the same keyword phrases.  There are plenty of keyword search tools available for no cost such as, Google Adwords and some excellent tools that are fairly inexpensive that you can choose from.  Use them, it is part of your online and article marketing strategy that will make the difference for you.

2.  Start using private label rights content or PLR articles
Private label rights content or PLR articles is basically articles or content written by others that give you permission to rewrite the content in your own words.  That is the key to using PLR articles; you must rewrite them in order to benefit from them.  What you gain from using PLR articles is that you will have an endless supply of ideas for your articles, which will help in solving the problem of writers block.

Many internet marketers dislike the idea of writing articles.  The biggest problem that people have with writing articles is coming up with ideas to write about.  That is why PLR articles are a good choice for you and also the fact that you only have to rewrite the content in your own words.

3.  Utilize the author bio or resource box
The worst thing you could include in your resource box is information that has nothing to do with your article or website theme.  Your objective is to get your readers to click through to your website and to do this you should include a call to action.  Give them a reason and something that will motivate them to click through on your link to your offer.

4.  Learn to use attention grabbing styles with your articles
Article marketing is a strategy that can increase website traffic and your articles are the method for doing it.  Many people have different writing styles as some are easier for people to write.  Some of the best articles to write are the How to articles as these provide information and tips for what people are searching for.

5.  Learn to reuse your articles
One important point that many people forget with article marketing is that they can rewrite their own articles several times or more.  So, figure each article that you write you should be able to generate at least three or four additional articles.  Make use of this material as your articles will quickly add up and assist you to increase website traffic.

6.  Turn your articles into video
Each of your articles can be easily transformed into video allowing you to use social media as another source to increase website traffic for you.  There is no doubt that social media and the use of video is popular on the internet today.  There are many inexpensive tools available that can easily convert your articles to video which will also give you additional resources for backlinks.  

In order for your article marketing strategy to be effective you need to get everything that you can out of your articles.  Writing articles and using an article marketing strategy is probably one of the best methods for you to increase website traffic.

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