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If you haven’t already heard of affiliate marketing business, just look a little harder at the websites that you visit and notice the banner adds, Google ads, text link ads and more.  That is affiliate marketing business.

While searching around for information on the affiliate marketing business you are going to find numerous guide books and programs that are specifically designed to help get you going in the affiliate business.  However, while many of these are valuable resources, a lot of them will just lead you in the opposite direction. 



Most new internet marketers are lured by the fact that affiliate marketing business is one of the easiest to set up and get started.  They are also attracted by the potential amount of money that can be made as well.  You must understand that the affiliate marketing business is not something that is going to produce overnight riches.  It is however a business that if you set it up correctly and follow many of the popular strategies, you can make a steady stream of income for yourself.  

To be an affiliate marketer you will need products to promote and earn commissions from.  Clickbank is probably the most popular place to locate affiliate programs.  Clickbank is a payment processor and has thousands of digital products available from merchants who are eager to have affiliates like you promote their products.  

It is important to remember that you need to search for products that you might have a passion for, have an interest in, or ones that you believe in.  This is vital to the success of your affiliate marketing business and something that you will realize soon after starting up.  Once you find an affiliate program that you would like to promote, visit the seller’s website page and notice if you would buy the product yourself?

Take a look at the stats for the affiliate program you are interested in.  The gravity of each product gives you an indication of the amount of competition you will have for the product.  The higher the gravity the more competition you will be looking at.  

Each clickbank product will have what is called a hop link that you can obtain and use to promote the affiliate program.  The hop link will identify yourself as the affiliate who is promoting the affiliate product and if a sale is made through your hop link, you make a commission.

Most new affiliate marketers always search for a program first to promote and than concentrate on finding a market for their product last.   I believe it is better to have your market chosen first before signing up for any program.  You will always be able to find plenty of affiliate programs to promote for practically any given market later.  But the best strategy for a beginner should be to locate the niche market first that you are interested in.

A niche market is basically a market within a market.  Let me repeat that, a niche market is a market within a market.  For example, let’s say that you want to promote an affiliate program on golfing.  Since golfing is a very large and competitive market, your chances of promoting and making any real sales from your efforts would be very slim, especially if you are a beginner.  So, what is the best way to market an affiliate program within the golfing category?

Find a niche market within golf!  Golf accessories, golf shoes, golf clubs, golf lessons, golf for teens, golf courses, golf bags, golf tees.  Are you starting to get the picture?  You can even go another step by narrowing down your choices within your niche.  Examples, golf lessons for teens, best way to learn golf, how to improve golf swing, best golf courses to play on.  As you can see, there are many so called niche markets within a general market; the problem is that many new marketers never learn how to get into these niche markets.

Take the time to find your niche market and if you want to succeed target your audience and offer them a solution with your affiliate program.  By doing this your advertising campaigns will be targeted to interested people looking for the product that you are offering.

One final note, as an affiliate marketer the most important step and the one that you need to consistently work on is getting targeted website traffic.  Nothing will be more vital to your affiliate marketing business than targeted website traffic.

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