Get Backlinks With Internet Article Marketing


 Get Backlinks With Internet Article Marketing 

And Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site


Backlinks or one way links are something that every website or blog needs in order to improve rankings with the search engines and internet article marketing is still one of the best ways to get backlinks.  Today more and more people are setting up websites and blogs and most of them are with the sole purpose of trying to make money online.  The one thing that many of them neglect to focus on is targeted traffic. 


Even though there are numerous programs and methods that might be good and offer a different or easier way to get backlinks, internet article marketing is still ranked at the top.  You see, internet article marketing is effective for many different reasons, but the most significant is the content that articles provide.  This is huge simply because the internet is widely built upon content and another big reason is the fact that the search engines thrive on fresh content.

Writing articles can get website traffic for you from readers that click directly on your resource box links from the articles that you have published.  These readers are also going to be targeted traffic for your site since they are particularly interested in learning more from the article they just read.  A secondary source of targeted traffic will come from your articles by using the right keywords and keyword phrases.

It is necessary to perform keyword research not only for your website, but for internet article marketing and your blog posts as well.  You need to find keywords and phrases that are low in competition, but still have a decent amount of search requests.  The keywords and phrases that you use should also be in relation to the niche theme of your site.

The whole idea of using the right keywords is to get your articles good search engine positioning.  Millions of people search daily for information and having good keywords in your articles and quality content that provides information that relates to your website will increase targeted traffic for you.

The next thing that internet article marketing will help with is the need for you to get backlinks for your website.  Building backlinks helps to increase your link popularity which also increases your search engine rankings.  This is important as you want your website to be seen in the search results, especially for searches performed by people who could be considered targeted traffic.

Utilizing the author or resource box at the end of each article submission form is where you will be able to get backlinks from.  Using anchor text (hyper text) that consists of the keyword phrases that relate to your site will weigh heavier then just using your websites URL.  Just make sure to check the guidelines with each article directory that you submit your articles to as some do not allow html, so the use of your sites URL will have to do.

Make sure to check the guidelines of each directory as well as some will allow up to four links in the author box for each article.  Each one of these links will count as a one way link to your website.  Try not to make the mistake of putting an affiliate link in the author box as many new affiliate marketers do.  It took you time to write the articles, therefore, you should get the credit for it and your website needs to get backlinks.

No matter what you hear from around the web, internet article marketing is a great way to get backlinks and generate targeted traffic that your site needs.  Writing articles is also one of the best ways to create exposure and promote your website at the same time.

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