Free Website Traffic Using Optimized Articles

Free Website Traffic Using Optimized Articles


One of the most popular methods of online advertising today is internet article marketing.  In fact, it is an internet marketing strategy that can produce free website traffic for your business.  Internet article marketing is extremely popular today for the simple reason; it works and produces the targeted website traffic that you need to be successful online.


Internet article marketing basically involves writing what is called, optimized articles that provide information on your website theme and than draws the attention of your readers.  The optimized articles that you write should interest your readers enough that they would than follow the link to your website that is provided at the end of each article.  However, the optimized articles that you write should be configured in such a way, short and informative with usually 400 to 800 words in length.

It has been proven that short and brief articles work better and provide greater results.  The reason why you want to write short optimized articles is because you only have a limited amount of time with your readers.  People searching for information are click happy, so to speak, therefore your articles need to provide them information early or they will just click away.

In order for internet article marketing to work and produce free website traffic a key element needs to be added.  That is the use of keywords or more precisely, keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases are nothing more than the combination of search terms used by people to find things on the internet.  

I’m sure that you have used before many different search terms on the internet to find information or locate certain things of interest.  An example of a keyword phrase would be; “how to write articles” or “how to make money online”.  The keyword phrases that you would want to concentrate on would depend solely on the niche market that you are in.

I would say that finding your keyword phrases that are relevant to what people might be searching for in your niche is of the utmost importance.  You see, an article without specific keyword phrases is nothing more than another page on the internet.  Basically, your article is going to go unnoticed just like billions of other pages on the internet.

Now, there are also other advantages with internet article marketing that also help to get website traffic.  This depends on how you will use your article.  Most people have the belief that internet article marketing is only about writing articles and submitting them to directories to be published on the net.

While this is a major part of the advertising method behind article marketing, it is not the only use for your articles.  You can add your articles as content to your own website.  This will create fresh content for your visitors and will definitely help in building trust with them as well.  

Another valuable use for your optimized articles is using them as blog posts.  You can easily break up the articles to make several posts on your own blog.  Internet article marketing has many advantages that can help in producing free website traffic for you.  And since your optimized articles can be used in several different ways to provide content, it just makes common sense for you to start writing articles.

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