Beginning Basics In The Affiliate Marketing Business


Do your research first and target your audience first 

Choose a market that you have an interest in, or better yet, pick a market that you might know a little something about.  Say for example that you like to build model airplanes as a hobby.  This is something that you could easily market products in, especially since you already know a little about model airplanes. 

Visit forums on model airplanes and see what others have questions about or information that they might be looking for. 


Use a website to promote your affiliate programs

Having a website will definitely give you more options when you send targeted website traffic to it.  The main goal of an affiliate marketer is to get website traffic, that is to say, potential buyers that are eager to buy the affiliate program you are promoting.  

Your website content should be relevant

Nothing is going to sink your affiliate marketing business faster than having misinformation on your website.  To give you an example, let’s say that your website is about horses and your content is written describing everything about horses.  Now, you try to promote an affiliate program about getting a tattoo.  What chances do you think you are going to have promoting tattoos on your website that is all about horses?  Think about it!  Make sure that your content is the same as the theme of your website….!

Research and join an affiliate program

Do a search on clickbank, cj or paydotcom for affiliate programs that are relevant to your website niche.  So if your website is going to be about model airplanes, search for affiliate programs that offer products or services that have to do with model airplanes.  Visit each program individually and check out their sales page and find out if it is going to be enough to sell a customer.  Also, and this is very important, once you decide which affiliate program to join, buy their product.  This is probably one of the biggest mistakes a lot of affiliate marketers make when starting their affiliate marketing business.

You need to get behind the product that you are promoting.  The only real way to do that is to try it out yourself.  This way you will be able to write more effectively as you are promoting the affiliate program.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Everything is going to depend on the targeted website traffic that you will be driving to your website.  And, in order for you to earn your affiliate commission you will need targeted website traffic.  Once your website is up and running and you have chosen your affiliate marketing program your efforts need to be concentrating on driving targeted website traffic.

One of the best ways to start building what I call a traffic funnel is to do internet article marketing.  Basically you will be writing articles that are relevant to your affiliate program and submitting them to free article directories.  Your articles will have a resource box for you to have a link to your website where readers can follow and find out more about your affiliate product.

There are also many other ways that you can generate free website traffic for your affiliate marketing business.  Search engine optimization, forums, social websites, social media sites, video sharing sites, and more.  This is when effort, determination and patience will play a crucial role with the success of your affiliate marketing business.

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