Starting A Blog Using Blogspot


Starting A Blog Using Blogspot 



Starting a blog can be one of the easiest ways for you to get running on the internet today.  However, before you start your blog, take a look at some of these tips that I’ve come up with that will save you a lot of time and effort.


Set Your Goals
Just like any other website or online business today setting up a blog needs some kind of goals.  Make no mistake, just because a blog is easier to set up and run then most websites, doesn’t mean that it will be successful.  That is why you need goals right from the start to help define exactly what it is you want to achieve with your blog.  Some things that many people don’t realize when they start out online is; if a business, what promotional and advertising methods to use?  How do you want others to see yourself as?  Are you just going to use a blog for sharing thoughts, ideas or giving advice to others?  You see, there are many reasons why you need to set goals.  Set your goals now then start putting your blog together.

Be Specific About Who You Want To Reach
One thing is starting a blog and putting it together and adding graphics and posts, but the important part is, who is your intended target audience?  You can’t expect to just add content and hope that any visitor who finds your blog will be interested.  That is why you need to define the type of traffic or visitors that will find your information interesting and useful.  

You Must Make An Effort To Be Seen Online
It is not enough to just put information or content onto pages and expect it to be read or for that matter, even found.  This is where you need to get out and promote your blog using social networking sites, social media sites, social bookmarking and commenting on other relevant blogs.  

Optimize Your Blog Posts
Most people who write blog posts don’t realize that their posts or content can drive targeted traffic to their blog.  The simple way to accomplish this is by using keywords and keyword phrases that relate to your blog theme.  Every post you write should have your keyword phrases place within the title of the post and the content itself.  This will help you generate targeted traffic from the search engines.

Brand Your Blog
Whether you realize it or not, the blog that you create is actually a brand.  It signifies who you are and what message you want your targeted traffic to know.  It is not always easy for beginners to understand this, but the easiest way to gain a loyal readership is by being consistent with your content and images.  Build a familiar place for your visitors.

Use Your Blog To Communicate
Take the opportunity to use your blog as a communication tool.  Ask questions that will allow readers to take action through commenting on your posts.  One of the best ways to do this is by creating original and informative content.  The success of your blog will only happen when you let your readers know that you care about them. 

Post On A Regular Basis
This is the big difference between a website and a blog.  Blogs are meant to be updated frequently with posts that provide valuable information for your readers.  It’s not a secret, but the number one way to get targeted traffic and build a loyal fan base is to update your posts in a timely manner.

The Learning Process Never Stops
Blogs are no different then websites when it comes to learning new things.  The internet is growing daily and there are always new tools or methods that are being introduced to help produce better results.  Those people who decide to take action and learn new things that relate to their blog or online business are the ones who will find greater success through their efforts. 

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else
Learn from other people and from other bloggers, but don’t try to imitate them.  Just be yourself.  The blog you create is actually just an extension of yourself.  It represents your personality so write your posts as if you were having a conversation with other people.  Mix it up and add your views or opinions on something and your readers will be more in tune with you as it will be more personal.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help
Don’t assume something when there are plenty of resources for information and help online.  One of the best areas for advice is from fellow bloggers.  The majority of seasoned bloggers realize that there are always going to be new bloggers joining the social arena of blogging.  Don’t be shy if you need advice or help with something.

Just remember, be realistic and don’t expect huge results from your blog overnight.  Just like most things in life, blogging takes - practice, practice, practice.

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