How To Build A Website - Create A Blog

How To Build A Website? - Create A Blog 


Blogs are nothing more than online journals where you type your entries via a computer instead of traditional pen and paper.  With your blog journal you can literally write about anything from ideas and opinions you have to operating an online business.  Blogs today also have a greater variety in the way of styles, settings and formats, which depends on the liking of each individual.


Also, blogging sites are offering more features for users to help customize their blog sites.  Some of these features include; pictures, advanced settings, additional template designs, video capabilities and audio.
A simple blog today will have the following basic features available:

  • A title that you have to label each of your posts
  • The body of your post which is basically the content
  • A permanent link for your article which is basically a url
  • Comment features that allow your readers to post comments

A website generally has many individual pages, whereas a blog is only made up of a few templates.  Each blog already has a fixed setting with windows for the title, the body, category, and others.  This makes blogs easier to use for those that are just starting out.

Since blogs are so user friendly anyone can start a blog by joining a blogging website such as blogger, wordpress and others.  Today blogs are not just for writing journals.  You can literally search for blogs about any theme imaginable from sports and social events to politics and business.

Now that blogs have become such a popular way for people to create a web presence, businesses are joining the ranks.  Blogs can provide a means to profit from advertising.  Many businesses from the corporate world to home based are using blogs as a way of promoting their individual businesses online.  

Here are some tips to blogging if you are just starting out:

  • Think About Your Audience - It doesn’t matter what your blog is about (personal or business) Think about something that will interest your readers.  Keep your writing simple so that people can understand what it is that you are writing about.

  • Include pictures or some kind of graphics.

  • Provide Information That Is Beneficial To Your Readers - Remember that people are searching for information, so keep it simple - and give them the information, advice, tips and resources that they are looking for.

  • Do Not Make Your Blog Complicated - Visitors to your blog and most people searching for information are generally impatient.  Do not complicate matters by making your blog to technical.  

I hope you will find this information useful and that it will help you as you create your blog.  

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