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The simplest way to stay in front of your competition is to create your own product. Many internet marketers believe that this is too hard for them to do, or they spend countless man hours and money developing their product. The simple truth is that you can have your very own unique product up and ready to market within hours by using plr content.

I have outlined below a simple process in which you could use plr content or private label rights products to create your own plr eBooks and make money now.

Private Label Rights products have:

  • Plr Articles
  • Plr Content
  • Software
  • Audio
  • ebooks
  • ecourses


I have outlined below a simple process in which you could use plr content or private label rights products to create your own plr eBooks and make money now.

  • The first thing you need to do is choose a theme or a niche product area that you are interested in.
  • Locate your content for your plr eBooks. I suggest using plr articles as much as possible. This is a great way to begin and you will find some very exceptional plr content that you will be able to use as your own.
  • Now you need to figure out what will be the best way to use your content. Create several unique types of products and have several pricing options for your customers. This will give your customers several products to choose from and leaves the door open to purchase additional items. By using plr content you will be able to take private label articles and combine them to make your own plr eBooks, your very own report and more. You can always upgrade your product by adding audio to it.
  • Combine plr content by adding additional plr articles to it or bundle it with other plr products and you can create your own ecourse. This is where you have to be creative and stop thinking as everyone else does. This is where you create your own unique product that is yours. Don’t be afraid in mixing things up; just remember to stay within the area of your niche product.
  • Since the private label rights product that you create is your own and since you are combining plr content, you do not have to rewrite anything. However, it would be an added bonus if you add a personal touch to your new plr eBooks or products. Write an introduction explaining what your product is and what the benefits are to your customers. This can go a long way in helping to promote your product, plus you will have better satisfaction when promoting your product.
  • Draft a sales letter for your new product. An added bonus of using plr content is that some of them come with pre-written sales letters for you. If you use the included sales letter for your product, make sure to change the letter to reflect the materials that you added.
  • Next, have some people read through your product. This is a good way to receive feedback before you actually post it on the web.

Once you learn these techniques and repeat this process, you will be able to produce plr eBooks or private label rights content for a variety of niche products within hours. The advantages of using private label rights is the time that you will save, the overall cost of producing your own product, and the end result of creating your own unique plr eBooks.

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