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Most people don’t realize that there is more to list building than just gathering subscriber’s information.  A list of subscribers is not worth anything unless you can get them to take action.  So, how do you get subscribers that are on your list to be quick to respond?

First - Think About Using A Double Optin
I am sure that you have already seen this before.  It is simply having those that subscribe to your list confirm their subscriptions.  This is considered an important part of list building as it helps you to gain quality subscribers.

Second - Be Personal
To be effective with the messages that you send out to your subscribers, make your communication personal by using their name.  This has been shown to increase awareness and the responsiveness of subscribers as it makes them feel that the message was sent to them only.


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Third - Teach The Subscribers On Your List
Let’s face it, there is only one reason that you want to build a list and that is to have your subscribers take action.  This is not going to happen immediately; therefore, you have to teach your list in such a way that they are going to receive offers that will be beneficial to them.  Give your list several emails that contains valuable and informative content and than send an email informing them of the product or service that you highly recommend.

Fourth - Appraise Your List Of Subscribers Often
It is not hard to ask what your list of subscribers is looking for.  You could easily ask what problems or road blocks that they are encountering online and make it a priority to give them solutions and answers to their problems.  This will also help in bringing you closer with your list as you will get a better understanding of what they want and being able to serve them better.

Fifth - Offer Something Special
This is a given!  If you want to keep your subscribers, offer them something in return for being on your list.  Give them a free ebook or software that relates to your specific theme.  Reward them for reading your emails.  It’s this type of appreciation that will build more trust with your subscribers and eventually lead them into taking action.

Just remember, stay in contact with your list so you can build trust and a relationship that will continue to grow and make money now for you.  Your Listbuilding Starts Now?

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