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4 Must Haves For Success With Autopilot Affiliate Income


Becoming an affiliate marketer is a dream of many because of all the benefits. You can work from anywhere, you don't have to deal with customer support, you don't have to create products, and on and on.

It seems though everywhere you turn there is some product promising you hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate profits. Most of this is mis-information and just rehashed information. The truth here is this...



Affiliate marketing consists of finding a good product to promote that has good commissions. Then taking that product creating an offer for it, and driving traffic to that offer.

You can't make money without those four things...

1. A good product
2. Good commissions
3. An offer
4. Traffic

Let's look at each of these in detail.

Let's say you are interested in gardening, and have come across some products that you love. You know they're good products, and you see they have an affiliate program that pays 40% commissions.

You just got two of the four things you need!

A good product with good commissions.

What if you don't have any idea of a good product with good commissions?

Then just do a search on any affiliate network for a subject that you are interested in, and you'll find great products with great commissions.

Now the next two things you need (An offer and traffic) is where the real struggle comes in.

An offer is simply anything you create that gets people to buy the product through your link.

This can be a blog post, an article, an ezine ad, a minisite, etc....

Creating multiple offers is actually ideal, but to get you started just create one, and then the last must have which is driving traffic.

Now once you have at least one offer created, you need to start driving traffic to it. I always use the following traffic methods...

  • Article marketing
  • Ezine advertising
  • Forum posting
  • Adwords

There are several other tactics that you can use too.

The key thing to remember here is to follow what I've just taught you here, create a plan and implement that plan. Don't try this and that. Stick to what you know and only focus on it, and autopilot affiliate success will come!


Liz Tomey is an affiliate marketing expert specializing in teaching people easy to implement affiliate marketing systems. Her newest course "The 5 Day Cash Machine" shows you how in just 5 days you can build an affiliate income and a list you can market to over and over again. You can get more information on this course by going to 5 Day Cash Machine right now!





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