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List Building FAQ 


How to Build Your Opt-In List

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What is an opt-in list?

Basically an opt-in list is people or subscribers who have opted-in or agreed to join your contact list. These people or subscribers have given permission for you to contact them via their email address.

What does it mean double opt-in?

This just says that you have opted-in twice. The first time will be on the website where you first gave your name and email address. The second will be through an email sent to your address where you confirm that you have opted-in with that website. This is done to protect the website from spamming laws enacted in 2004.

What is meant by target opt-in list?

What this means is that your opt-in list is targeting a select group of people for a particular subject or product. Say your website is about fitness related issues. Your target list would be individuals or businesses geared for or interested in the fitness industry.

Ezine and opt-in list differences

Simply put, an ezine is like a web magazine with articles, advice, and sent to your email address on scheduled times, daily, weekly or monthly. The opt-in list could be a newsletter or regular email, but could contain the same as an ezine, with articles, tips and new product information. The opt-in list could be mailed at any time.

Why should a website have an opt-in list?

There are a lot of reasons, but the biggest is that it takes follow ups to get the majority of people to buy your product or whatever you’re offering. By creating your opt-in list you secure a greater chance of being successful on the internet. The quality of your emails and the relationship with your list will also decide what your potential will be.

List building serves internet businesses in different ways. The most basic service of the list is to give them valuable information by email. You must provide them with information that teaches them something new. You as the list owner can than recommend a product or service for them and you will earn money by doing so.

If you do not have an opt-in list and know what it can do, than you are a little doubtful right now as to what a list can do for you?

The opt-in list that you work on will eventually be your business. It will be much of the time that you spend on the net. This cannot be overstated; your list will be one of the most important features in regards to your website. That is why you must start thinking of building a list for your business.

As part of your action plan and goals, start putting together the resources for you to start building an opt-in list.

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