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Link Popularity Tips


The search engines generally rank a website based on several conditions, but one factor that plays an important role is how popular a website is based on the amount of other websites that link to it.  Link popularity is simply a tally that the search engines give to a site based on the number of links that point to it or the linking to any of the individual pages of the same website.  Link popularity also measures the quality as well as the quantity of other sites that link to particular sites throughout the web.


Link popularity basically stands for the total number of links that point directly to your own website.  Determining link popularity is something that most of the top search engines practice when they are ranking sites for particular keywords and keyword phrases.  So, it is easier to say that link popularity is merely the total amount of web pages that link back to your website.  However, you also need to understand that it is not just the number of backlinks that count, but also the quality of the backlinks that point to your site.

Since we already know the basic meaning of what link popularity is, let’s take a look at the different aspects of how it can improve your sites reach on the internet.  Increasing the number of one way links your site has is one of the key points of any search engine optimization strategy.  It is utilizing all the available opportunities to effectively start and maintain a link building campaign.

Social bookmarking is just one of the many opportunities that allow you to build backlinks for your website every time you bookmark another website.  Blog commenting is another very popular method used by many internet marketers to gain backlinks and increase the link popularity of their sites.  It‘s important that you remember, blog commenting can be a very effective approach to building one way links for your sites, but it can also have a negative impact as well.  For instance, leaving comments that could be considered spam type, which are basically ones like; nice blog, great post, keep it up, good post and so on.  Other spam type comments involve recommending your own website or product.

In order for blog commenting to be fully effective and to your advantage of building backlinks, take an interest in the blog itself and leave comments that others will find of value.  Another tip with blog commenting is to find and follow blogs that relate to your own website theme.

One of the oldest methods on the web today to get backlinks and increase your link popularity is through internet article marketing.  Writing articles and submitting them to numerous online article directories will generate not only one way links, but they will also generate targeted traffic for your sites. 

While there are plenty of options available to build backlinks for your sites and increase your link popularity, the most important step is just taking the initiative and following through with a plan of action.  After all, everyone at some point would like to be popular, but nobody knows your website better than yourself.

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