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There is no doubt that the internet is an incredible source of information that allows anyone to access and use it for personal or business gains.  Most people who access the internet use it primarily to search for information, research a project or they are simply curious about something and want to know a little more about it.  While this doesn’t represent the mindset of every single person that logs on to the internet, it does represent the general purpose of what the internet was designed for - to provide information.


Now, if you have a website or blog it is important that you continually feed your sites with useful and informative content that people will read.  It really doesn’t matter what type of website or blog it is, whether they are set up for an online business or strictly for providing entertainment, news or general information.  You will have to supply them and continuously add fresh and unique content that will attract and drive traffic to your sites.

You can increase link popularity by writing about your niche topic and the niche market that you are in.  Keep your content related to your niche theme and use proper keywords and keyword phrases that are also related to your website niche.  Write your content in an article format and once you have written them and performed the necessary spelling and grammar check, upload them to your site.

A couple ways that will help to increase link popularity with your sites is to first, use the right keywords within your content.  Using keywords that are lower in competition will rank faster and higher with the search engines.  Second, concentrate on providing content that will help readers find solutions to their problems.  Make your content and articles useful!  The more information that your content provides and inserting the right keywords within them, the better chances your website or blog will have at grabbing the attention of people.

Obviously, the more content rich information that you can add to your sites, the more you will increase link popularity as the traffic that you generate will bookmark and share your site as they will want to visit frequently.

Now, another popular and effective way to increase link popularity is through internet article marketing.  Writing articles and publishing them with online article directories can help build backlinks for your sites.  Building backlinks or one way links that point from another site on the internet to yours is a major key to building link popularity.

Writing articles and publishing them with directories will increase the chances of your articles actually being read.  Your articles also have a much better chance of being picked up by the search engines as a good number of article directories have a high page rank.  This gives them better exposure with the search robots and if your articles include the right keywords and keyword phrases, they can easily enjoy a better placement on the search engine results pages.

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