Link Building SEO Strategy


 Link Building SEO Strategy


Every website or blog needs to build backlinks to their sites. Link building SEO is basically a method of generating backlinks or one ways links from other sites on the internet to your own site. The more one way links that you have pointing to your sites, the higher your link popularity is with the search engines.


There are several methods of link building SEO that can create backlinks that you will need for your website. The most popular method is called reciprocal links. Reciprocal linking is when you trade links (link exchange) with other websites that are similar to your own. It’s a method that was very popular years ago for increasing link popularity.

However, over the years reciprocal links have lost a lot of their value. It doesn’t mean that reciprocal linking is totally worthless; it just means that an inbound link from another site that you reciprocate with doesn’t carry the weight of an inbound link with no link exchange involved. Also, reciprocal linking has even less value when the site you are trading links with has no relationship to the theme or topic of your own website.

Link building SEO can generate traffic for you from the search engines by increasing your sites rankings through building backlinks. Inbound links from quality sites will also help give your site credibility and greater exposure from search engines.

One of the best ways to get backlinks is from article marketing. Writing articles and submitting them to online article directories can quickly build quality one way links for your website. Submitting your articles will allow you to add hyper links to your sites using the author resource box at the end of each article.

An important key to get backlinks from your articles is by creating hyper text links within the resource box. Hyper text links are considered more valuable as backlinks then just using the URL of your website. Your hyper text should be keywords and keyword phrases that relate to your website theme. This helps to increase the value of your backlinks and at the same time strengthens the keywords and phrases that you choose.

To get backlinks and consistently build your link popularity you definitely need to consider having a link building SEO strategy. Your strategy should include methods such as article marketing, blog commenting, social networking and forum posting just to name a few. Since most websites want more traffic to visit their sites, link building SEO is probably one of the best strategies that every website can take advantage of to increase website traffic.

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