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Anybody who has an online business with any type of products and services to sell or promote knows how hard it is to get website traffic. Many people who are new to internet or affiliate marketing desperately search and fall victim to the so called “Secrets of How to Make Money Now” on the internet. What they fail to realize is that it’s not a secret at all to make money now with an online business.

The number one problem that people have is the lack of visitors or customers to their websites. You see when people build a website or start up a blog they automatically think just because it is the internet that people will find and visit their site and purchase something. Well, it would be great if it were this simple.

The truth of the matter is that running an online business is no different then running an offline business. Both need some kind of advertising and marketing programs that will promote and drive people to their business. However, there is a method that online businesses have been using for years to get website traffic and increase sales. Internet article marketing is one of the most effective ways to market yourself as an authority within your niche theme and an excellent way to create awareness of your products or services.

Many people who have tried internet article marketing and claimed that it doesn’t work or that it takes a lot of work to write and submit articles failed simply because they looked at it the wrong way. These are the individuals who tried internet article marketing and failed to see overnight results, they are also the ones who fell for the make money now concept of overnight riches. It is usually people like this that want to see immediate results from very little effort that is put into their business.

Let’s take a look at several parts of internet article marketing that most people have difficulty with and see if we can make things easier so your efforts are not a complete waste of time.

Writing Your Articles For Internet Article Marketing

Writing articles is where people find it most difficult to accomplish. It is not just a case of writers block, but a total lack of confidence or fear as they feel that they are not good enough to write articles to be published online for everyone to read. This is simply not true! If you are capable of putting a complete sentence together so people who read it can understand it as well, you are more than qualified to write articles.

You Do Not Have To Be A Professional Writer With Internet Article Marketing

I am certainly not a professional writer; in fact, I’m just like the average person who has dreaded the thought of writing articles. Was I scared? You bet I was, but I also knew from reading what other marketers had successfully accomplished through writing articles and figured out that there has to be something viable or nobody would even bother with internet article marketing.

So, what did I do to overcome the fear and drudgery of writing articles? I took some time and did research by reading hundreds of other articles within my niche. Basically, I found out that one of the stumbling blocks of trying to write articles is the fact of not knowing what you are writing about. Imagine for a moment that you have a passion for sports in general, and you want to promote items that are in some way related.

Let’s say that you want to dig a little deeper and find a specific niche within the sports market, for instance tennis. Now, for example purposes only you have no knowledge of how the game is played or what it takes to play tennis. So, even though you might have a passion for sports in general, it is still going to be somewhat difficult to write about something that you have very little knowledge of.

You see, research plays an important part of any business, whether it is online or offline. You have to know at least the basics of what you are trying to do before committing yourself and your efforts. Well, the same is true with internet article marketing. Having a little knowledge of the subject matter that you are writing about will make it easier to compose the articles you want others to read.

This brings us to another question or stumbling block that many new marketers face. Many people do not have the time or do not want to spend the time researching information for the subject matter they need to write about. There’s a couple of other ways that will help you in your writing efforts.

First, you can acquire PLR articles or private label rights articles. PLR articles are neat because the research has already been done for you. However, this is the most important part that you must remember when using private label rights articles or content. Yes, the research has been done for you, but you must rewrite the article in order for it to be original and for the most part, effective.

Look at it this way, the research has been done which saves you a great deal of time and the topic has already been chosen as well. All you have to do is rewrite the article into your own words. Another thing to consider is that you want your articles to be keyword optimized. That is, you want your articles to be found by the search engines using the keywords and keyword phrases that directly relate to your own niche website.

Now, another point to consider when acquiring PLR articles is that you want to join a PLR membership or distributor of PLR material that is reputable and not out to just sell you a bunch of old and worthless content. A distributor that will only sell a limited number of PLR articles within any given subject. What this means is that they will only sell a certain number of packages to their members and then close it. Let’s say for example that a PLR membership has a package (specific number of articles) for sale within a niche and they put a limit of how many packages they will sell to their members. Usually it is around 100 - 500 depending on the number of articles per package and the niche subject itself. Well, five hundred may sound like a lot, but compare that to the tens of thousands that do not have access to those articles. I would rather compete against 500 other marketers then tens of thousands.

Another way of simplifying your article writing is what they call outsourcing. You can hire a freelancer or ghostwriter to write your articles for you. I know several fellow marketers who have others write between 2 to 5 articles per week for them. The cost is usually somewhere between $3 to $5 or more per article depending on the length of each article and how detailed each customer wants the article to be.

Even if you choose to hire someone else to write your articles you still have to give them the keywords and phrases that you want with each article.

Internet Article Marketing - Submitting Your Articles To Online Article Directories

Once you have your finished articles it is now time to submit them to online article directories for publishing. There are several options that will allow you to submit your articles to the directories. The first is the most obvious and that is to do it manually one directory at a time.

If you have ever tried manually publishing articles before then you already know that this can be a very time consuming job, especially if you want to submit to hundreds of article directories.

Another alternative is to have a service that will submit your articles for you. The service is generally a monthly membership that you would join. The total number of articles that you can submit per month would depend on the type of membership you sign up for.

The last alternative for submitting your articles to directories would be the purchase of article submission software. Depending upon the type of software that you purchase, the article submission software will allow you to submit articles to hundreds of directories with the touch of your mouse.

The article submitter software that I use is from Bryxen Software and Brad Callen. There is a free edition to download so you can try it out with over 100 directories listed. Once you download and see how easy it is to submit your articles you will then want to take advantage of the upgrade which has over 600 article directories for you to submit your articles to.

I have used Brad Callen’s article submitter since 2008 and have found it to be a life saver when it comes to article submission. Of course there is other article submitter software available that you can choose to use, just remember, what you want to look for is ease of operating and reliability.


 Brad Callen's Article Submitter that I prefer to use is simple and fast to operate.  Once you open the software it automatically lists the article directories that you can submit to as shown below.




The first step you need to do is to fill in the basic information as shown below.  Some of the details that are required for each article that you submit is the Title, Category, Your Name, Email Address, Website URL and Bio Information. 




The next step is to add information for the Resource Box, Your Keywords and a Brief Description. 




Next, it is time to add the body of the article.  It is a good idea to perform a spelling and grammar check before adding your article.   




When you finish filling in the required information for your article just click on a directory to submit your article to.  You will automatically be taken to the log-in or homepage of the directory.  Article submitter will also fill in the required information needed.  After making sure that all the fields are filled in correctly, just click submit.  It's fast, convenient and will definitely make your internet article marketing a success! 




A couple reasons why internet article marketing is effective, is the fact that you can generate traffic from articles that you write. Traffic is also generated by your articles as they create awareness by promoting yourself and your website products. Internet article marketing is also very effective in building backlinks to your website which is a powerful method to help increase your link popularity with the search engines.

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