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What is a subscribe box and who are the list subscribers?


When referring to email list building, list subscribers or how to build a list, many people still don’t know how a subscribe box really works.  First, you have to realize when building a list that a subscriber box is one of the most powerful tools available to you.

You have probably seen your fare share of subscriber boxes while surfing the internet.  You have probably signed up through many of those subscriber boxes as well.  Basically a subscribe box is put on your website or blog and is designed for one purpose, and that is to capture the name and address of your sites visitors.

The people that enter their name and email address into your subscribe box are now called your, list subscribers.  The majority of successful webmasters agree that a subscribe box should be put on all your website pages.  This is to ensure that if they miss the opportunity on your home page, than hopefully they will notice again on your inner pages.  

Once you are ready to put a subscribe box on your website, you’ll need to sign up with an auto responder service.  The auto responder services will than give you some html code which you paste into the pages of your website.  The html code will produce the subscribe box and this will be linked back to the auto responder service.

If you choose, you can also use a subscribe box template which will give you many different choices as to the color, design and graphics.  Another type of subscribe box is in the form of a pop up.  Usually the pop up will appear a few seconds after your visitors land on your home page or the pop up can be set to appear when they exit your site.

It doesn’t really matter which way you decide to go.  The important fact is, if you want to increase your revenue for your website, than you need to start building a list by putting a subscribe box on your site.  Your email list building or list subscribers is only going to happen when you add the subscribe box.

Once the person enters their name and email, the auto responder will automatically send out a welcome message to them.  The auto responder will than add the persons name and email address to your email list building system.  Now, before any of this happens, you will have written a number of letters or emails that will be sent out automatically to your list after they have subscribed.  

It is important for you to understand that your letters or emails to your list should contain some valuable information for them.  Send out a series of letters to your subscribers at first with useful information.  After this you can begin to introduce them to your product or business opportunity.




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