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Web Directory Submission



A simple definition of a web directory would be a virtual stage on the internet that holds information and links regarding different websites that are filed under different categories.  Any given web directory will than categorize individual websites into many different classes and some will break them down even further by splitting them into sub-categories.  While this is somewhat normal procedure for web directory submission and for being listed in web directories, you must understand that there are literally thousands of them online and their individual policies will differ.


This brings us to web directory submission of your website.  Since there are thousands of directories online you need to be aware of the guidelines and how it will affect your sites acceptance.  Also, some directory submissions charge a fee for any directory submissions and for your listing.  However, the majority of them are free, but some will have a mandatory reciprocal link exchange.  (I personally try to avoid the link exchange with a directory, unless the directory is well established with a high page rank.)

A very important part of the process with web directory submission is to make sure that your site is submitted in the correct category and subcategory, if they offer that.  Most directories will not accept a submission if you choose the wrong category.  Therefore, it just makes sense to check each directory before submitting your site and make sure that they have a relevant category for your website.

Some of the directories are geared towards many of the niche themes that are offered online.  While some directories are very generic and only have a limited amount of categories they offer, which means you must submit to the category that best represents your website theme.  It may sound simple enough, but choosing the wrong category will immediately get your site rejected.  The reason for this is simple, since one of the major points for getting listed with a directory is to obtain a backlink from them, their daily or weekly web directory submission could be hundreds or even thousands of sites.  They do not have the time to place each website into the correct categories as outlined in their guidelines.

Now, there are some other details you should check with regards to any web directory submission process that you are attempting.  Since there are so many online web directories and many of them are new or less established, it wouldn’t hurt to check their page rank and when the directory was cached.  Another thing to look for is what other sites have been accepted and listed in that particular directory. 


After you complete your web directory submission, it is normally checked by a human editor.  It is totally up to the human editors of each directory whether or not the web directory submission from you is suitable for their own directory.  This includes the content of your website, the description of your site and the category that you submit under.  However, as long as you are comfortable with your own website in that it offers quality content for your visitors, being informative and somewhat of a value in general, than proceeding with a web directory submission should not be a problem.

Even though you may consider your site to be of value, there are some directories that will still reject your website based on their own personal criteria.  What this basically means is that some directory owners have their own agenda and will only allow the best or top websites to be listed in their directory, no matter how great you think your site is.

For many, the process of web directory submission seems more of a hassle than it is worth.  In some instances this might be the case, especially if the directory is new.  However, you have to look at the overall benefit of directory submissions and how it will affect or improve your site with the search engines and future visitors.

Having your website listed with the directories will help the search engine optimization of your site by increasing your link popularity.  The higher the page rank of the directories you get listed in, the better quality of incoming links to your website.  These types of backlinks or one way links from the directories are vital as they are highly valued by the search engines.

Even though web directory submission is something that was popular years ago with webmasters, many SEO experts still believe that website directory submission is a key strategy for improving search engine optimization and for building backlinks to your website.

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