Make Money Now by building backlinks


 Make Money Now by building backlinks


Most experienced webmasters realize that backlinks are a major factor with your website or blog when looking to the search engines for traffic.  If you are a newbie and just starting out with a new website or blog, you will need to understand the importance of backlinks.  Simply, backlinks are nothing more than links from other sources on the web pointing to your site. 


The search engines weigh the importance of your website by the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site.  The more backlinks you have, the higher up your site will move in regards to the relevant search term used.  Link building is also a major part of the search engine optimization process for your website.

First, you must understand that not all backlinks are the same.  This is important because the difference in the backlinks could save you a lot of valuable time and even money.  There are several types of backlinks which you should be aware of first.

  • Reciprocal links

  • One way links

  • Relevant links

When websites first began, it was common for webmasters to trade links with other webmasters and refer visitors from each others sites to the other.  This is called reciprocal linking, nothing more than websites exchanging links with the other.

Reciprocal linking is still popular today amongst many webmasters.  The ideal method of exchanging links in this fashion is to trade with other webmasters or websites that share the same common interest or theme as yours.  This is to say, if your website is about affiliate marketing, then you would trade links with other websites with the same theme.

The reason for this is simple, when the search engines spider the pages on your website, they are not reading the content as a human being.  The search engines do not know that your website is about affiliate marketing.  What they do read or notice is the number of keywords or keyword phrases written throughout your pages.

If your web pages are optimized for the keyword “affiliate marketing”, the search engines will notice this and label your website as affiliate marketing.  If you have a link pointing to your website from another similar site that has to do with affiliate marketing, than that link becomes known as a relevant link.

If you are building links by reciprocal link building, it is a good idea to trade links with other similar websites as your own.  Sometimes that is easier said than done and the reason is that other webmasters may not be willing to exchange links with you, especially if your website is brand new.

If your website is brand new and you are building backlinks by reciprocal means, you may have to trade with other non similar websites to begin with.  Even though this is not the preferred method for building your backlinks, it is far better to have some links coming in to your site, then none at all.

Another term used in backlinks is that called “no follow”.  Basically, no follow is exactly what it sounds like; it is used to tell the search engine spiders not to follow a certain link.  At one time, forums used to be a popular place for people to leave links pointing to their sites.  Due to the amount of spamming that took place, forums are now very restrictive.  The same thing happened with blogs when they first started out, comment boxes were mainly being used as a source for internet marketers to leave a spamming comment and link to their individual websites.

Now, one technique that you should learn about backlinks is that called, “anchor text”.  Anchor text is basically an html code of your websites URL.  You’ve more than likely seen many examples on websites where it says “click here”.  As soon as you click on that text you are sent to another site or page.

This is the tricky part (I know, a lot of times I still forget to do it the right way) you want your anchor text to reflect your keywords or keyword phrase that you are using for your website or blog.  You see, if you just put click here that is what the search engines will see your site as.  But, if your keyword or keyword phrase is “affiliate marketing” and you include this with your anchor text, the search engines now list your site as affiliate marketing.

Your site is now grouped with others that use the keyword phrase affiliate marketing and now your site is starting to show some relevancy and popularity and will move up in the rankings for that keyword phrase.  The basic html code for anchor text is:

<a href=>This is where you put your anchor text</a>.

The same thing goes for when you write a description of your website or blog.  You want to make sure that your title and description have your keywords or keyword phrase in them.

Writing your sites description is especially important when listing with directories.  You want to make sure that your title and description clearly have your keywords or keyword phrase in it.  Many new internet marketers forget about this and only write descriptions as a sales pitch.

Remember, the search engine spiders do not read, so if you leave a sales pitch in your description, they will only spot what is relevant to your website.  Directories at one time used to be one of the ultimate areas to get a backlink from.  However, there popularity is not as strong as it used to be, but I would still submit to them for the simple reason, you will need to take advantage of every opportunity to compete with other websites.

One thing to point out when submitting to directories, don’t choose the reciprocal link option when submitting your site.  What you want is a one way link from the directory pointing to your website.

Backlinks that you want to concentrate on are “one way” links pointing to your website without you reciprocating.  The more backlinks you have to your website, the more popular the search engines rank you for your keywords.

One of the best ways to get one way links to your website or blog is through article marketing.  Writing articles about your affiliate marketing programs and then distributing them to the vast number of article directories with your proper anchor text.  The articles that you write will provide you with a one way backlink to your site.

Obviously, the more articles that you write, the more backlinks you will have.  Also, other websites and blogs use article directories as a source of content information for their own sites.  Your articles could be picked up by other webmasters who will post your article on their site with your backlink pointing to your website.

Backlink building is an ongoing process which takes time and effort.  It is not something that is going to happen overnight, in fact, you don’t want it to happen suddenly.  The reason is, search engines will see this as spamming, and of course, this will end up hurting your website.

Lay out a plan for your backlink building campaign and include many different sources for your backlinks.  Article marketing, submitting to directories, commenting on do follow blogs, commenting on do follow forums, social bookmarking, social networking and trading links with other websites.

This will allow you to build backlinks naturally through many different sources and this is something that the search engines will notice from your efforts.

Building backlinks may seem like a tedious and time consuming process, but if you want to be successful with internet marketing - you will need to build backlinks.  It is really not that hard, you just have to plan out your strategy on a weekly basis and implement that plan.  Basically, you have to take action and start now.

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