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Article marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to advertise and promote your website.  The benefits of using article marketing strategies alone give plenty of incentive for using articles to gain rankings with the search engines, continued building of link popularity and generating targeted traffic from readers that click through to your website.

You can easily begin using article marketing strategies to promote your site by writing an article that relates to your niche or website topic.  You can break up the niche market that you are working with into several different subjects and write about each one giving small details of information, tips and advice for your readers.  At the end of each article that you write you can include a link back to your website where your readers can find additional information on the subject that you have written about.

Important article marketing tips you need to be aware of is your article content should never be used to sell a product; therefore your articles should not read like a sales page.  The content should be informative or entertaining, something that will carry the interest of the reader to your website. Article marketing strategies need to create informative content that should include enough information or article marketing tips that draws readers attention, but leaves them begging for more. 

One of the most vital article marketing strategies is the resource box or the author box where you will have the opportunity to make a pitch on what further information or resources they can obtain by visiting your site.  If you are offering a freebie or gift for people signing up to your list, include this offer in the resource box as it will be another incentive for readers to visit your website.

Once your article has been checked for spelling and grammar you can submit it to any of the countless online article directories to be published.  Article directories are sometimes favored by the search engines primarily due to the constant changing of content on their site.  The search engine spiders frequently visit most of the top article directories frequently, which means a faster index of your article.  Also, when the spiders locate the backlinks in your article this will also lead them to your website.

Using article marketing strategies also has another powerful benefit, and that is creating public awareness for both you and your website.  As you write more articles people get to know you more and this starts building credibility.  Your website also gains credibility as the links back to your site keep building.

If you include an article marketing strategy as a promotional strategy it can be a very inexpensive alternative compared to pay advertising.  In fact, it is basically free article marketing unless you decide to purchase article submission software or services, and if you prefer hiring freelance or ghostwriters to write your articles. 

With the advantages that article marketing can give your online business, it just makes sense to use it as one of your promotional and advertising strategies.













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