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Using safelists or what is commonly known as opt in email marketing is considered not only a profitable strategy for any online marketer, it is also the lifeblood of the online business world.  Many people are struggling online to get the targeted traffic that their websites and online businesses need to survive.  Even building the primary source of long term income, your list, will be hard when you don’t know where to find the people interested in what you offer.  The basic strategy is to find people online that are eager for information, ideas, resources or tips and hungry enough to visit your site or squeeze page and sign up to your list.  Just as you targeted traffic for your website, so you must also target the people who are eager to receive your offer or information.

Using opt in email marketing or safe list can provide you with an opportunity to gain targeted traffic and at the same time add people to your opt in mail list.  However, there are many people who disregard safelists as something being outdated or overused.  While this may or may not be true, one thing is for certain, many of the safe list owners have made tremendous changes to their opt in email sites for fear of going out of business or losing their membership list.  These changes are for the better and it has caused a new generation of safelists on the rise again.

Remember, safe list advertising is nothing more than sending mail to an approved  email address list.  The only difference is that the members of each safe list agree when they sign up to be a member that they will receive opt in email marketing from other members.  Solo opt in emailing advertising is almost like traffic exchanges, the difference is that you must first open a members opt in email ad and than click a link inside to view their promotional offer.  At the same time you also earn credits for viewing other member’s ads, which you can use towards sending your own opt in email offers. 

Safelists or solo emails can be effective in generating targeted traffic and building your list.  The problem with many marketers who use this type of solo email ads is that they try to sell products to people that do not want them. 

To put it another way, the people who are using safelists are also using solo emails to build their own lists, drive traffic, sell products or promote offers.  They really don’t want to look at your ads or anyone else’s.  (This sounds kind of unfair, but that’s how it is)

So, to get around this you need to target your opt in email or solo ads for the people that really want your offer or are interested in your information.  Offer them a solution to their problem, give them answers or better yet, offer them something of value, such as an e-course or piece of software.

With opt in email or solo ads, the subject line could be the most important part of your email.  Think of it this way; members could receive hundreds of emails per day or week; nobody has time to read each email that they receive.  In fact, most people will only scan through the list looking at the subject line of each email and will only open the ones that interest them.  So, it’s important to spend the most amount of time coming up with great subject lines that will entice readers to open your email.  Give them a reason!

The key to using safelists and opt in email marketing is to make your offer better than everyone else’s.  (That and having an excellent subject line)







Here are some good safelists, opt in email marketing and list builders for you to start advertising with. 

All of them are free safelists to join! 


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