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Any link building SEO strategy should concentrate on building one way links to your website.  Generating link popularity for your online business should be a key factor and part of your search engine optimization strategy.  While many people say it is easy to obtain backlinks, what they fail to mention is the time that it takes to get them.


If your plan is to do any kind of business online today, the first thing you need is a link building SEO strategy in place.  Without it, you are going to have a difficult time competing against millions of other websites online.  So, the question is how do you get website traffic and build those backlinks?

Internet article marketing is one of the best ways with link building SEO and to get website traffic.  By writing optimized articles and submitting them to online directories and utilizing the author or resource box.  The resource box will allow you to place links back to your site or any other page on your website.

Most resource boxes allow you up to two or more links per article.  Each of those links will count as a backlink or one way link to your site.  It is important that you make use of the author or resource box correctly as it is a means to get website traffic.

Another good link building SEO method is blog commenting.  Today most blogs will offer you the chance to leave a comment.  They will also give you the opportunity to input the URL of your site as well.  Check to see if the comment is a do follow as the URL of your website will count as a backlink or one way link.

One word of caution here with blog commenting.  Since leaving blog comments has become increasingly popular as a way of generating backlinks.  More and more people look to commenting on blogs as an easy alternative to link building SEO.

However, this has also created a lot of needless spam comments.  If you choose to use this method, be genuine with your response and make sure that your comment is directly related to the post.  Address the blog owner by name as this will also give it more of a personal touch.

Try using social book marking as another way of building backlinks.  Sites such as Stumbelupon, Technorati and Digg are just a few of the more popular social book marking sites online.  Each of these will also be considered backlinks or one way links and another avenue to get website traffic.

Also consider the social profiles for the numerous social sites online today.  When you join up with a social site most of them want you to create a profile.  This is another great way to add backlinks with your link building SEO strategy.  

Next, make sure that you use anchor text in your profile pages on the social sites.  Your profiles will not only generate backlinks for you, they will also get website traffic as people love to read the profiles of members.

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