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Ask Yourself - Why Are You Struggling 

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You have probably already heard that you should, “work in a niche that you know something about“.  And, if you haven’t heard this line before, you will sooner or later, “enter a business that you are passionate about“.

There are some online business people that believe this is the wrong advice to give to new internet marketers, especially affiliate marketers.  These people believe that by following your passion and entering a niche market that you know a little something about is wrong.  By sending new affiliate marketers down this path, they believe that this will bring on misleading expectations and inadequate results, which will lead them to failure. 


Basically, what these people are saying is that, the only real way to make money now online is if your business is based on two critical points:

A)  There Must Be A Large Demand For The Product Or Service


B)  The Segment Must Have A Large Customer Base Willing To Buy

While I agree somewhat with the two points above, I do not agree with the fact that you cannot involve passion and knowledge.  First of all, you cannot go wrong with having knowledge of the field of business or niche that you intend to be marketing in.  This will only strengthen some of the strategies and techniques that you will need to use when marketing your niche business.  

Second, having a passion for a niche product is only going to strengthen your commitment to stay involved.  Your level of commitment will be the main driving force behind your online business.  It is what will keep you going as you encounter hurdles and road blocks (and there will be a few) with your business.

In other words, having a passion or deep interest in a hobby or product is totally acceptable.  What you have to look at is the big picture of how to implement that passion into a profit for your business.

This is where you will need to focus on your niche market (the sub market of a larger market)  

Take for instance the “Make Money Now” online market.  It is probably the largest area for affiliates to market in with a very large and continually growing customer base.  The problem is that the make money now online market is very competitive with hundreds of thousands of affiliates promoting the same products.

Yes, the market for money making opportunities has plenty of demand and the market has willing customers that will pay for products and programs.  However, because of the competition you will have from the vast number of affiliates online, you had better be prepared to fork out an unlimited amount on advertising costs; otherwise, your results are going to be very bleak.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why you are really struggling to make money now online?  I’ll lay out some of the top reasons below for you in no specific order:

  • Promoting the wrong affiliate programs or too many at the beginning.
  • Lack of focus and attention to detail regarding your business.
  • Not taking action or waiting until it is too late.
  • Not following the advice of others that have spent years online doing business.
  • Patience - Not allowing the methods and strategies sufficient time to develop.
  • Learn - Not allowing yourself sufficient time to understand exactly how certain strategies and techniques work with your online business.
  • Traffic - This is the big one!  You must understand that traffic is the lifeblood of any and all online business…Period!  Without it, you have nothing….!  This is something else that you must clearly understand; it is not just any traffic.  You need targeted website traffic or what is called, “buying traffic”.

Here’s another way of looking at why targeted website traffic is so important:

“Let’s say that you have the best looking website or blog on the internet with the most spectacular graphics available and you’re marketing a top product or program that tens of thousands of people are already buying online” - If people cannot find your site or the visitors to your site are not targeted website traffic, you still have nothing!

It’s all about process, or to put it simply, a course of action that you must take.  From finding the right niche market for yourself, to building a website or blog, providing informative and valuable content and driving targeted website traffic to your offer.

Best to us all,

K. Ho from Make Money Now





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