How To make money now online

 How To Make Money Now Online


Before you can think about how to make money now online, you must ask yourself, will it be through working a job, running your own business or investing of some sort?  For most people, thinking about these different methods never comes to mind.  While each of these methods are very legitimate and have varied stories of success, some also experience their share of failure as well.  This simply means that, while many find room to aspire and succeed to make money now online, others simply fail no matter what they try and do.

While I believe, as many others do, that the failure rate is relatively high, the big question is, why?   What we need to do is take a look at the bigger picture to fully understand the principles of how to make money now online.


  • First, let’s take a look at the magnitude of “make money now online”

Every year it seems that more and more people from around the globe are searching for opportunities to make money.  It is one of the largest areas of business conducted on the internet today and is consistently growing each day.  While many people look to the internet for money making opportunities to increase their existing portfolios, others are desperately in search of some sort of an income to survive.

Once cable television ranked as the premium source of information that catered to what was, and still is called today, “get rich quick”.  Millions of people from all over tuned into what was known as the “easy way to make money”.  Everything from buying and selling real estate to owning your own store has been seen on late night television.

The dream of getting rich instantly aired nightly as people were being sold on the idea that all it takes is a phone call and their lives would be changed forever.  In all fairness, maybe some individuals were able to see some positive results from these so called over night ventures.  However, countless numbers of people who tried these get rich quick business offers ultimately ended in failure.

With the advancement of technology the world has a new source of providing information and opportunities, it’s called the internet.  The internet or web is filled with golden opportunities for anyone wishing to take the chance and become successful.  The problem is that with so much information and hype that is floating on the internet today, which opportunities are real and which ones are phony get rich quick stories.

Nothing has changed from the “get rich quick” infomercials of yesterday; in fact they can still be seen today on late night cable.  The big difference is the internet today.  Now millions of web pages can be found with offers promising every money making opportunity imaginable.  

  • What is the Cost?  (Value)

As mentioned above, cable television laid the ground work for the “get rich quick” advertisements or late night infomercials.  These infomercials gave the illusion that their easy way to make money involved some kind of hidden secret that makes their program or business work.

While there are many valuable techniques, resources and tools that can assist people make money with some of these programs, one element is still missing.  You see, a good money making opportunity involves trading something of value.  What this means is that you have to offer something of value to people so that you can always do well.

The subject that a lot of people ask is, “what do they need to do to get customers to hand over their money?”  This is the wrong attitude to take since this will ultimately tempt you to use every means possible just to get a sale.  While this might sound like the best route for you to take, the end results will most definitely be unhappy customers, lesser repeat of customers or business and the ultimate failure from your efforts.

Instead, you should be asking, “what is it that I should be offering that is of genuine value?”  This is the right attitude that you need to take and by helping people - you will make them feel more relaxed with the decision of handing over their money.

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to learn

Every successful business has some form of plan.  You need to have the same plan and be committed to it and be willing to take action.  This is where you must be willing to learn how certain things operate.  

If you make a mistake, learn from it and also learn how to move forward.  Don’t keep making the same mistake over and over again as many people do.  This is very important.  

If you have every intention to make money now online, then you need to take action and learn how it is done.  Those that are looking for the “get rich quick” or the “easy way to make money” are definitely not willing to learn.   These people generally look for the easy method, which almost always leads them to failure.  

  • Get to know your inner self

This may sound a little strange at first, but think for a moment at all the qualities that you have.  Every person has some sort of abilities or interests.  This is very important, especially when it involves how to make money now online.

Ask yourself, what interests do you have?  What type of skills or abilities do you have?  Don’t be like other people and overlook the talents that are right in front of you.   By ignoring your talents you could be setting yourself up for failure.  Just remember, it is your interest and abilities (no matter how few) that will maintain a level of commitment for you to succeed.

If you want to better your online chances of success than you’ll definitely need to incorporate these basic principles into your plan of action.

Best to us all,

K. Ho from Make Money Now




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