Tips On The Affiliate Marketing Business

Some Useful Tips On The Affiliate Marketing Business


One of the main reasons that the affiliate marketing business is so popular today online with so many people is because of how simple it is to get started.  However, most of the people starting an affiliate marketing business will fail simply because of the way they do it.  Take a look below at some of the top mistakes that affiliate marketers make when starting out with their affiliate marketing business.

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  • Not taking the time to learn how to make a simple, but effective website.  Most sites that give instruction about the affiliate marketing business do not spend a whole lot of time on creating your website.  This is because it is easier for them to refer someone to individuals or online businesses that you would pay to build a website for you.  While this is totally acceptable, especially if you lack some of the techie skills needed, it doesn’t help you with the learning process.  The simplest thing for you to do is to set up an easy blog using blogger.  Blogs are very popular today and they rank well with the search engines.  You can create a blog and customize it the way you want so it looks like a professional website.  

  • Not understanding about “Pre-Selling” your affiliate products.  As an affiliate marketer it is not your job to sell the product or service, that is the job of the merchant and their sales page.  Your job as an affiliate marketer is to pre-sell the product or service by informing interested visitors of the benefits, features and any negatives that the product might have.  Obviously this is going to help in building trust with your visitors.

  • Not familiarizing yourself with the market that you intend to do business in.  Many new affiliate marketers and experienced ones as well choose their affiliate programs first before doing any research of the online market that is available.  Even though there are many affiliate products and niche markets that are very profitable, some of them are also very competitive.  It is to your advantage to do the research first of the market that you intend to be in ahead of choosing an affiliate program.

  • Not using all the traffic generation strategies that are available to you.  While this might sound a little over blown and seem like it would take a lot of time and effort on your part just consider what the alternative might be - NO TRAFFIC!  There are plenty of traffic generation strategies available on the net today, and a lot of them are free.  From creating and using blogs, internet article marketing, Web 2.0 and hundreds of other social networks and social media sites.  There are also membership sites that focus specifically on traffic generation strategies that also help in building a list for you at the same time.

It’s a fact that you will never learn everything you need to know about the affiliate marketing business, especially when just starting out.  The learning process is continually ongoing.  However, one of the best ways for you to get experience is through trial and error.   While this might seem a little contradicting to what I have already explained about the learning process.  You also need to understand that many new affiliate marketers try to learn as much as possible and never really get there feet wet.  They become book smart and overwhelmed with information and never accomplish much in the way of online business.  The opposite is also true of new affiliate marketers who do not want to learn anything.

You need to get past the point of information overload and learn to take chances early.  While you read and learn about new methods and strategies, you will also gain knowledge and experience by taking action.

Remember this one point - You may go through several affiliate programs, other strategies or countless methods before you actually find the one that works for you.  You might even fail with several of them before you actually begin to make money online.  Don’t worry and by all means, don’t give up!  The key here is to “fail fast“.

I know that you are probably saying to yourself, “Why would anyone want you to fail fast?”  The reason is simple - I have read hundreds of comments, if not more, from around the internet from individuals that are struggling to make money online.  Almost all of them had one thing in common; they have been trying to make money online for two or more years without any success.

Let me ask you this - “Do you want to wait two years or more to make money online?”  I didn’t think so.  So, why does it take people so long to make a decision?  Set goals for yourself, learn to put time frames on your projects and mark your progress.  Yes, you have to give programs a chance to work to see any results from them.  However, waiting and grinding away for two years or more is just unacceptable.

Best to us all,


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