The Question Of Having Your Own Opt In Email List

The Question Of Having Your

Own Opt In Email List



As an internet marketer or affiliate marketer, having your own opt in email list is definitely the best decision that you can make for your online success.  Your opt in email list gives you the freedom to send valuable offers to your subscribers on a regular basis.  For a large percentage of internet marketers, not having any type of email marketing lists could easily be the difference between success and failure of your online business.

Of course, the real question is whether or not a safe list can make up for having your own personal opt in email list?  Let's take a closer look at what a safe list is and how you might be able to benefit from them.


Basically, a safe list is nothing more than a membership site that could have thousands of members that belong to it.  When joining a safe list, each person has the option of being a free member or paying a fee and upgrading to a higher level.  Next, the registration process, which includes name, password, and two different email addresses.  One is your contact address and the other is referred to as your list email address.

During the registration process, you are agreeing to receive emails from other people that are members of that safelist.  Once you agree to that and submit the form, you must than confirm your contact and list email addresses before becoming a member of the safe list.  The emails that you receive from other members will almost always have a credit link at the end of the message. 

Members click on the credit links within the emails to visit the other members sites and receive credits in return.  When it's time for you to send an email to other members of the safe list, you would compose a message and send it out based on the number of credits that you have available.  Primarily, this type of membership site is simply referred to as a credit based safelist.  The basic principle of the safe list is to trade off viewing members sites in exchange for earning credits.

A safe list can be a cheap source of traffic for your offers, but you must remember one thing.  Everybody else that belongs to that same safelist are just like you.  They are in search of targeted visitors for their offers as well.  Most people who use safelists really do not want to purchase anything as they are there to promote their own offers and sell their own products.

However, it is still possible to effectively make safelists work for you.  Think about building your own opt in email list by promoting squeeze pages and collecting data from other members.  This is one of the best ways to utilize a safe list simply by taking advantage of the many members that belong to it. 

It's safe to say, that using safelists can be an excellent starting point for anyone that wants to build or expand their own opt in email list.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to promote effective squeeze pages that will entice other members to sign up to your list.  Simply offer something free, something of value that other internet marketers will want.  This is the easiest way for you to begin growing your own opt in email list.

So, the question remains.  Do you need to build your own opt in email list or just rely on using safelists?  The answer is simple, yes, you need to have your own list, especially if you want to become successful online.  Just remember, a safe list has restrictions and limitations.  Having your own list allows you to pretty much do what you want to do.

The key is to use safelists as a marketing tool to help build your own opt in email list.

Written by:   K.Ho






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