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It wasn't long ago, online marketers could simply increase website traffic to their sites just by dumping a few keywords onto their pages.  Of course, internet activity has changed dramatically over the years and so have the search engines.  You might wonder, is that something to be concerned about?  

If you have a website or blog, then the answer is obvious, you need traffic to your sites.  As a webmaster, getting a steady flow of visitors to your web pages is always something to be concerned about.  One of the reasons that internet activity has increased is simply due to the popularity with new website technology and the ability to easily create websites or blogs for personal and business use.

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Tens of thousands of web pages are added to the internet each and every month.  This should make it somewhat easier to understand why it can be so hard to increase website traffic.  Think about this for a second.  Every time you do a search online, the top pages will automatically be listed for you that closely relate to your search term.  These are called the search engine results pages or SERP's.

With each search that you do, the search engines will give you an estimate of the number of pages that they have indexed and relate to your search term.  This could be anywhere from a few thousand pages to hundreds of millions that relate somewhat to your specific search term.  When you stop and think about it, that's a lot of competition.

That's also a good reason to use many of the primary methods for generating traffic and one of the most basic is search engine optimization.  Since the search engines are constantly getting smarter and updating their algorithms to make up for the huge deposit of web pages on the internet.  It only makes sense to use methods that draws the attention of them.

A perfect example of this would be the use of keywords.  Using good keywords is still considered an important element that helps to get your website pages indexed with the search engines.  After all, if you want your web pages to be found by the actual people searching for them, you need to help the search engines index your pages by giving them a clue of what your web pages are all about.

Now, using keywords and keyword phrases is only one part of optimizing and getting your pages indexed properly.  But, since the search engines have changed their algorithms to meet more of a demand from the internet, keywords are no longer enough to get the results you need.  This simply means that there are additional factors that will also determine how well your sites will show up in the search results.

One of these factors is the number of sites that are linking back to yours.  This demonstrates to the search engines just how important your websites and web pages are.  These links are called backlinks or one-way links and can actually count as a vote in favor of your sites.  Theoretically, the more votes your sites have, the higher ranking your pages will receive in the search results.  However, where the link is coming from also matters and the search engine algorithms go a step further by considering if the incoming links are even relevant to your sites. On top of this, you have to ask yourself if your sites are even worth linking to.  Is there something that will entice other webmasters or visitors to place a link on their sites that points to yours? 

Discover what people are looking for in relationship to your sites theme.  That's one of the basic keys that will help you to get backlinks from other people.  Give them good content that goes beyond what other webmasters are willing to do for their own sites.  This means that you must continue to improve your web pages, frequently updating your sites and giving visitors the information that they are searching for.

While there are countless ways that you can increase website traffic, nothing is more important than the primary methods of traffic generation.  Search engine optimization, which also includes things like content, link building and keyword research, is just one of those primary sources that will help you to get the traffic you need.  Other methods that fall into the primary category of traffic building strategies could easily be article marketing, using videos, social networking and social bookmarking.

What's more important, it takes time and effort to increase website traffic simply by working with a combination of strategies to produce the steady flow of traffic that your sites need.  This is especially true, if your plans are to stay for any length of time with any type of internet marketing business.

Written by:   K. Ho from Make Money Now

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