How To Increase Website Traffic

 How To Increase Website Traffic 

Through Link Building SEO


Link building SEO is a vital part of having any website or blog and an important method to increase website traffic for you.  Backlinks, which are basically one way links that point to your website from another site, will determine the importance of your site by the search engines.  Building backlinks should be part of your search engine optimization strategy, especially since the search engines use them to value your website.

One of the best methods for generating backlinks for your website is through internet article marketing.  Writing articles and submitting them to online directories will create natural and relevant one way links to your website.  By using the author bio box with a link to your website and a call to action, you will generate quality backlinks and increase website traffic through internet article marketing.


Start writing a blog about your website and product offers.  Blogs are a useful way of building content that is searchable and they can be used to increase website traffic and build backlinks to your site.  Include quality and informative content with your posts and at the same time include links to your site.

This will help in getting additional backlinks for you.  Make use of the blog search engines that will repeatedly update every time you add a new post.  However, do not make the mistake of over linking to your website with every post that you make as this will be considered spamming.

Make use of the directories that are online.  These web directories are basically websites that list sites and put them into convenient categories.  There are hundreds of medium and smaller web directories available that you can submit your site to for free.  This is a great way to build backlinks and should be a part of your link building SEO strategy.

There are several good and inexpensive programs that will help you to automate the process of submitting to web and article directories.  The key is to be consistent with your link building process.  Writing articles and submitting to directories, writing blog posts, submitting your site to web directories will take time.

Link building SEO is something that you will not do overnight, especially if your goal is to increase website traffic.  Building backlinks is something that you have to be committed to as it is a long term process.  A process that you should start now by making short term and long term plans that layout your link building goals.  

Link building was considered an important part of search engine optimization and than it slowly faded out from most strategies.  However, if you look around the internet today you will notice that link building is once again popular with most of the SEO services.  Since the goal of most internet marketers is to increase website traffic, than link building SEO should be the number one priority for the success of any website.

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