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 Get Backlinks To Your Site And 

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The number one challenge for every online business is being able to get website traffic.  If you have a website or blog with the intention of selling a product or service, then you must get targeted traffic to your sites.  The problem that many internet marketers face is how to get traffic.

There are many ways that you can get website traffic and the best part is that most of them are free or low-cost methods.  The first thing that you need is to get backlinks to your sites.  A backlink or one way link is simply a link from another website or blog that points directly to your site.  Building backlinks is an excellent method for you to generate traffic from the search engines.


Start with an internet article marketing strategy to get backlinks.  Writing articles and giving information about your niche to readers is a great way to build the backlinks that your site needs.  After writing your articles you can then submit them to online article directories where you can get website traffic from followers of your articles.  Each article that you submit will have an author resource box at the end where you can put your sites URL address.  This is how you will get backlinks and where your readers can click on your link to visit your site for additional information.

Another method to get backlinks is through social bookmarking and it is also a good way for you to get website traffic.  Social bookmarking basically gives you the opportunity to build links from other sites that store bookmarks into categories. 

You can also get backlinks by commenting on blogs.  Search for blogs that are relevant to your own website’s topic and where you can add a comment and obviously put a link to your site.  Use anchor text giving a description of your site and make sure the anchor text or hyper text is in html.

Adding your sites to online directories is another simple method to get backlinks. However, building backlinks through directories may be easy and quick, but you may want to spread your link building process out.  Link building needs to look natural, not something that sprouts thousands of links overnight or you could run the risk of being penalized by the search engines.

These methods are important for your sites to build backlinks and increase your search engine rankings.  If you implement a marketing plan using these methods you will also get website traffic that will support your online business efforts.

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