Can Credit Based Safelists Be An Effective Source

  Can Credit Based Safelists Be An

Effective Source Of Advertising



Receiving emails from other members of safelists is no different than receiving emails that are delivered to your personal email address.  You still have the choice of reading any emails that are sent to you.

Credit based safelists allow members to open emails, read them and click on a credit link to visit the senders website.  But, are credit based safelists an effective way to advertise and promote your sites?  The simple answer is, they can be!

You see, the problem is that every type of business, whether online or offline, needs to include some kind advertising for what they offer.  This is especially true with an online business.  Since there are millions of web pages that are competing for traffic and only a very small percentage of those web pages have the budgets to effectively advertise.


Safelists can still provide effective advertising for many internet marketers who don't have the advertising dollars at their disposal.  The key is to use any type of safe list the right way in order to be effective!  While this may sound easy enough, far too many people end up using safelists the wrong way and usually end up with poor results.

Why?  They simply join a safe list and the first thing
they do is send out their offers, period!  They can't wait to send those emails with their offers to other members in the hopes of making money fast.  The problem is that the other members are doing the same thing, so the majority of marketers who follow this step really end up accomplishing nothing.

Here's an alternative when using credit based safe lists.
  A more effective way to advertise and promote your sites and get better results for your online business.  Use a lead capture page or squeeze page instead of just placing a link to an affiliate or some kind of other offer.  Why?  Because a lead capture page will give you the opportunity to collect visitor information and this leads to building your opt in email list.  By taking this approach, you will have the ongoing opportunity to follow up with your new contacts.

Also, besides the importance of using lead capture or squeeze pages, concentrate on the subject line of the emails that you will be sending out.  If the subject or headline of your email reads like all the other emails, than nobody is going to open yours.  You need a headline that is going to capture the attention of people, something that they will want to read more about.

Think about all the buzz words that will grab peoples attention and use them in your subject lines.  Another tip is to read the subject lines of other emails that you get.  What buzz words catch your attention?  Which subject lines appeal to you?  Now, see if you can write your subject lines using those same buzz words that caught your attention. 

One final note:   Don't think that the best way to get sales is to rush in and start blasting your ads all over.  It may sound like a good way to advertise when joining a safelist.  But, remember this, marketers have tried that approach before and still do it today with very little or no results.

Another tip when using credit based safelists is to constantly update your ad copy including subject lines and headlines.  Stay ahead of your competition by reviewing your ads and consistently work to improve them.  That's how you get effective advertising from using credit based safelists.

Written by:   K.Ho





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