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Many internet or affiliate marketers have a hard time understanding that the use of autoresponders is exactly what it takes to make money online.  What they believe or the advice that they seem to follow is to simply put up a website, add some content and throw in some affiliate links and banners and watch the money start rolling in.  The one thing they don’t realize is that it takes more than one visit to actually convert your websites visitors into buying customers and that is why the use of an email autoresponder is a vital part of your online business.

So, how do you get customers to buy or click through to a merchant’s site and purchase?  You need something that will help you out, you need an assistant that will work 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  That assistant is an email autoresponder.

Basically, an autoresponder is a tool or program that will send out a string of email autoresponder messages to anyone that has opted in by giving their name and email address through a subscription form, lead capture page or squeeze page.  The response that you get from your series of emails can sometimes depend on the type of product or service that you are offering.  It may take a whole series of 7 to 10 emails or even more before a subscriber likes what you are offering.

Before that though, you need to convince your sites visitors to actually subscribe to your list by giving their name and email address.  Provide something of value as a gift and compel them to submit their details in order to receive the promised information or value product. 

If you have a website, offer a brief introduction as to the product or service that you offer, and then go right into a persuasive statement about your products.  Then right below that provide a form where visitors can submit their name and email address so they can receive the information and free gift.

Following their submission, the new subscriber will be informed of the process of having to confirm their email address.  The email autoresponder will send a confirmation email to the subscribers email address where they can easily click on a link provided in the message.  Once the new subscriber has confirmed their email address they will immediately be given or taken to a download page where they can receive the information and free gift as promised.

After this, the autoresponders will send out a series of emails which are also called, follow-up messages that are spaced several days apart. 

Now, the first thing you need to do is sign up with an email autoresponder service that can handle your messaging system.  There are plenty of them available on the internet and each one has different packages available and prices that range from $12 to $30 per month.

I have a free autoresponders service that can handle the messaging system for your online business and it’s totally free.  It can do everything that the big name autoresponders do and can handle any size list that you have, all for free.  The free autoresponders service is a professional messaging system that will allow you to grow your business, without the additional costs involved.  Check it out now for your business needs.  If you are new to affiliate or internet marketing this might be a good choice for you during the initial stages of your business.

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