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When you first start sending out messages from your autoresponder to new subscribers, don’t try and sell your product or service immediately.  You have to be very careful in the way that you send messages to new subscribers on your list.  The reason is simple; nobody wants to buy something after first joining a subscriber list.

Your new prospect wants to receive valuable information from you first, information about your website theme that will benefit them.  Experienced internet marketers figured out years ago that it takes an average of five to seven messages from you first before subscribers even consider buying anything.

This is where your autoresponder starts to work for you as it sends out the pre-loaded information to your list.  This is how you can gain interest in your online business as your messages begin to educate your list. 

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It takes a little time to build interest in your online business.  But by starting with informative material that will benefit your readers on your particular niche theme, you will build interest and trust.  

Make your first messages ones that will inform your readers how your product or service can help solve their problems.  Don’t give them complete information, just enough to entice them and keep their interest in your messages.

Than, start building from there by adding additional information that will continue to help with your readers problems.  Slowly add more information about the benefits of your product or services.  The last message in your series, which should be between seven and ten messages, will be your sales page or pitch.  Make sure that all your messages stay on the topic of your website or affiliate program.

Just remember, don’t try and sell your product or services at the beginning of your messages.  This is the mistake that most new internet marketers make by trying to push their sales pitch too early.  Using your autoresponder the right way is an art, but just by following these simple steps you will be able to succeed with your customer sales.

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