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If you are planning on building a list than you are going to need an autoresponder.  Basically you need an autoresponder for replying to your subscribers.  The autoresponder is an email on demand that automatically stores each of your subscriber’s information.  It than sends out a series of messages that you have previously stored in the autoresponder system.  

The messages or letters that you store in your autoresponder can be sent out whenever you want.  They can be sent in intervals like everyday, every other day, and weekly and so on.  Also, you can set your autoresponder for sending out direct emails to your list and notifying them of specials or offers that you have.

Now, your autoresponder for building a list will happen like this.  After signing up with an autoresponder service you will receive an html code to place into your pages.  The html code will display an opt in box or subscriber box on your pages.  Visitors to your website will than enter their name and email address into your subscriber box.  

The subscriber will than be asked to confirm the subscription (this is called double opt in) and after confirming their subscription, a thank you or welcome message will appear.  That persons name and email information will now be stored as an opt in list as part of your autoresponder system.

The autoresponder for building a list is probably the most important tool.  It will provide your potential customer with up to date information on your product and services so they will not forget about you.  Your autoresponder is going to help you build trust with your potential customers.  The reason they signed up is because they are interested in receiving more information from you.

Sales from your list will not happen overnight.  It takes a while for them to get to know you and what information you are giving them.  That is why it is so important to have an autoresponder for this prime example so you will be able to send out letters with information to your list.  The good thing is that this is all done automatically and in advance.

An autoresponder for your website will cost you anywhere from $15 - $20 per month depending upon which service you use.  There are several good and reliable services available, such as Aweber and GetResponse.  

Another alternative is the autoresponder software which you can purchase.  The autoresponder software you would install with your web host server and this allows you to have your own autoresponder.  However, think about this option very carefully.  Even though you pay the one time fee to purchase the autoresponder software and you don’t have to worry about the monthly charge from the other services. Autoresponder software can be tricky if you are not familiar with installing certain codes and running some server side scripts and other programs.

How to use lists will depend entirely up to you and what you have to offer.  An autoresponder for building a list gives you the tools that you need to survive with your website business.  What are your plans for your web business?   What product or service are you selling?  Is it just your website that you are promoting?

Building a list and using your autoresponder for making the first contact with your subscribers is a must.  You want to build a relationship with your list and provide them with useful information and in return you get to send them your offers.  All this you will be able to do twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with your autoresponder.

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