An Easy Method To Get Backlinks


 An Easy Method To Get Backlinks -

Internal Linking Of Relevant Pages


Search engine optimization (SEO) should be utilized by every website as a means to get backlinks. Your website or blog needs some kind of strategy in place that will consistently work to get backlinks or inbound links pointing to your sites. If you have a website or blog it is a must to have as many backlinks as possible pointing to your sites.


Link popularity is determined by the search engines and by the total number of inbound links that a site has. Link popularity is also a way for the search engines to place sites in the search results. Obviously, the more inbound links or one way links that point to your site, the higher your site will be ranked with the SERP’s or search engine results pages.

A major factor that many people overlook when they need to get backlinks is the internal linking of their web pages. Internal linking or what is sometimes referred to as deep linking of your website pages can be considered as an in-house technique to get backlinks. This is simply done by linking pages within your own website or blog that are relevant to each other.

In order for this method to work effectively you need to use anchor text links when linking from one page of your site to another. Your anchor text links also need to include your keywords and keyword phrases. For example, let’s say that your keyword phrase is “link popularity”. Your anchor text would be link popularity and would hyper link within the content of your page to another relevant page within your website.

<a href="your web address">your link text goes here</a>

The web address that you would use in the above example would be the relevant page that you are linking to. The link text would simply be your keyword or keyword phrase that you choose.

Internal linking of the content pages of your website that are relevant to each other is an excellent method to get backlinks and at the same time help increase your link popularity. This method is not something new for building links; it is just overlooked by many people.

Also, many expert bloggers use this as a method to get backlinks for their blog. They will create a hyper link using their keywords from a current posting and refer readers to a past post that is relevant. This helps to build backlinks and at the same time increase their link popularity. If that blog owner makes a new post several times per week, then you can see how this method can be very effective in building backlinks.

It is important to point out that the hyper link text you use needs to include your main keywords and phrases. This is more effective as a link building technique and at the same time the search engines will recognize the importance of your keywords.

You must realize that this is a link building strategy and should look natural to the search engines. You do not want to spam by adding too many hyper links within each of your web pages. Usually one to three hyper links should be adequate depending upon the length or total number of words per content page.

Internal linking of your content web pages is an excellent method for you to get backlinks for your website. Just remember, in order for it to be effective you need to link pages that are relevant using hyper links that include your keywords and keyword phrases.

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