Don't Get Stuck Writing Your Articles


Don’t Get Stuck Writing Your Articles 


It is common for people who start writing articles to get what is called writers block.  They get stuck, or can’t find the right frame of mind to write their articles.

The first thing you have to have is a theme before you start to write anything.  The following will give you some ideas to help avoid getting stuck while writing your articles.

Open your word processor and begin writing about the theme of your online niche.  At this point do not worry about any spelling or grammar mistakes that you might have with your article.  Keep writing until you have written at least a full page.

Read over the page that you have just written and locate all the valuable ideas that are easy to read.

Start over at the top of the page that you have written and move the paragraph down two or three spaces.  Now you are going to rewrite the article page using your own article.  Do not worry about the spelling or grammar errors at this point.

Once you have rewritten your article, than you can go through it and make the necessary spelling and grammar corrections as needed.

It is also important to point out that you must learn to set a schedule to write your articles.  Find out what is the most productive time for you to write and stick with it.  This is time that should be free from all your personal obligations where you will have the least amount of disruption from outside sources.

Even though you might not be a professional writer, you should know that most professional writers follow a strict and productive schedule.

Another important point to help with writers block is making a list of ideas to write about.  Take a little time and write down ideas on the subject of your niche theme.  This will help you to save time and will allow you to have subject material to write about.
Remember, when using article marketing you must understand why you are writing your articles.  If you are an affiliate marketer your primary reason is to drive traffic to your website.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is, just make sure your article is not a sales letter.  If you make the mistake and write your articles as a sales letter you will find out very soon that you are just wasting your time.

You have to understand that article marketing is effective if you provide your readers with valuable information that pertains to your niche theme.  Think of your articles as worms on a fishing line.  You are writing your articles in such a way as to attract them to your website.

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