Why You Should Be Writing Articles

Why You Should Be Writing Articles 


Sooner or later you are going to realize that traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog.  Clearly the experienced internet marketers already realize that if you want to drive highly targeted traffic to your website or affiliate pages, than using articles is probably one of the best options for you.  Generating targeted traffic to your site is an important strategy that you must learn to incorporate as part of your internet business.


The search engines thrive on fresh content, and you can provide that content through article marketing.  In return, the search engines will send your site or affiliate pages traffic that you will so badly need to survive online.  

Writing informative articles based on your niche theme and filled with your chosen keywords and an eye catching title will surely increase the survival of your online business.  

Remember, the internet is all about information.  If you can provide valuable information within your articles and use keywords or keyword phrases throughout the body of each article, than traffic will find its way to your site.

First, don’t let your writing skill level detour you from writing articles on your niche.  Most people shy away from writing articles for the simple reason that they think you have to have a special talent or be excellent with English grammar.  This is totally not true.  Don’t be mislead into thinking that your articles have to be grammatically perfect.  They don’t.

The best way to write your articles is to position yourself between your visitors or future customers.  Write your articles as if you are talking to them personally and giving them the answers or information that they need.

If you still have a hard time writing the articles on your own or lack sufficient material to write about your niche subject, than get your hands on some private label articles (PLR) and use them for source material to write your articles.  You still have to rewrite the plr articles before using them, but you will have the material that you need from the plr articles on your niche to write about.

When you finish writing your articles you should than submit them to free article directories.  The best way to do this is to get an article submitter software that does all the work for you.  Brad Callen probably has the best article submitter software on the internet (and the one that I use myself).  With literally hundreds of free article directories that you can submit your articles to within minutes.  Try submitting them by hand one at a time and notice how long it will take you to submit to hundreds of directories.

Just remember, to get the traffic that your website needs to survive, you need to start using article marketing with your online campaign.  The more targeted traffic you receive, the better your conversion rates will be.

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