Why You Need Article Marketing




Why You Need Article Marketing 


One of the most effective ways for you to market your website and build trust with visitors, is through article marketing.  Article marketing involves you writing content filled articles between four hundred and eight hundred words in length.  Each article you write will be based on a particular subject of your niche and will provide a useful and informative idea, that is article marketing.

Each article you write will have an inviting title such as “Tips on How to Make Money Now” or “How to Increase Your Website Traffic”.  Your articles will allow you to have an author’s bio box at the bottom where you can advertise yourself and your website.  This increases your exposure as an authority on your niche and provides a valuable link to your website.

Your articles can be posted on the internet through article directories, ezine directories, and other people’s blogs or websites as long as your article is not modified and the original bio box kept the same.  Writing articles will help you become known as an expert within your niche field, which also helps you to advertise and sell your own products or affiliate products.

Your main goal with writing articles will be to provide valuable content for your readers which will eventually direct them to your website via the author bio box.  This is where your readers will find out more about you and want to visit your website.  The bio box should be the only part of your article which you would use to advertise your website or affiliate program.

At one time article marketing was considered one of the insider secrets to the internet marketing gurus.  However, today it seems with so many new people starting out with article marketing and failing from their so called efforts, article marketing has taken a different course.  Internet marketers who have attempted writing articles and not seen any benefits from it at all have different views as to why it doesn’t work, at least for them.

Many marketers feel competition with their own article writing, a saturated market with people writing articles, and duplicate content.  Internet marketers give up writing articles as they feel it is harder to get their own articles noticed, no matter what, the stories of failure are always the same.  Of course, anyone hearing this from forums, blogs or other sources will not even attempt or look at article marketing as a means to generate traffic or sales.  

Let’s look at article marketing in a different and more positive way.  Articles are nothing more than pages of content on the internet, or web pages as a whole.  Nothing more.  Millions of web pages surface daily throughout the internet, web pages from blogs, websites, and of course articles.  These web pages compete against each other to get noticed and to create traffic.

People who were unsuccessful with article marketing failed to realize this point.  Yes, article marketing is very competitive, especially with new internet marketers starting up each and every day.  To stay a step ahead of the competition you must use article marketing as it was designed for, and most of all, you must be persistent.  

Your articles must provide useful content about your niche, offer tips and how to advice, use keywords that reflect your niche throughout your article, and advertise your website and provide a valuable backlink through the bio box.  Make no mistake, article marketing will involve writing many articles and does require effort and determination in order for it to work effectively.   Writing articles is something that you need to concentrate on and work on daily to gain the full benefits and to see the end results.

If you want to increase the amount of traffic to your website or blog, and you want to start making money online, than you need to start using article marketing.


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