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What are Search Engines and How Do Search Engines Work?


Basically search engines are nothing more than a library or data base of stored information.  When a person submit’s a search term to a particular search engine, the search engine program is not covering the internet instantly looking for the term entered.  It is retrieving information that is already stored in its own data bank or index, it is not actually searching the internet at that moment, like most people think.

The search engines use what they call “spiders” that will index the vast number of web pages.  After a person submits information regarding their website to the search engines, the search engines will then spider the website pages and index them.  The search engine spiders are nothing more than automated programs that are part of the search engine system.  

Since the spiders do not read the content like human beings, they group together popular words throughout your content.  These popular words are your keywords or keyword phrases.  The spiders also scan your meta tags, title, description, and any links that you have on your site.  This information is then sent back to the search engines library, so to speak, where it is indexed.

The search engine spiders will return to scan your website frequently looking for new and added content.  Each search has their own time table as to when the spiders will return to scan your website.  Do not think about resubmitting your website over and over again to the search engines.  Years ago a lot of webmasters would resubmit their websites over and over again to get the attention of the search engine spiders to crawl their pages.  This procedure will end up doing you more harm than good.  You only need to submit your website once.

A lot of the smaller search engines do not have their own spiders that crawl the internet for information.  They associate or work with the larger search engines and share their data base of information.  An example of this is with AOL.  AOL does not use its own spidering system or search engine, it retrieves index information from google.

So, if your website does not show up on a search, it has probably not been indexed by the search engines or your site does not rank high enough for the search term that you entered.


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