What Affiliate Marketing Is Not

 What Affiliate Marketing Is Not



First, let’s get this out of the way so there is no confusion.  Yes, affiliate marketing is probably the easiest online business that anyone can start up and begin running instantly.  However, this is the point where I want to begin with the truth, or at least the part that is most important for you to understand.

Affiliate marketing looks simple and easy as portrayed by many of the top producers within the field.  This is something that you should realize now, no online business, whether affiliate marketing, internet marketing or multi-level marketing is easy or simple.

Sure, the process of getting started might be easy, but until you learn exactly what is required for you to make money now, until than, you will just be wasting your time.


A big misconception that is offered to many new affiliate and internet marketers is the easy push button system of making money online.  It is something that is not easy for them to resist and spend money on, only to find out months later how worthless the software or system really is.  This is not something new, promotions and sales offers for these types of programs has been around since the beginning of the internet.

It has only seen a substantial rise again due to the global economic situation as many unscrupulous marketers take advantage of all the newcomers entering the internet marketing arena.  This type of marketing has also caused desperation with many other internet marketers as they also resort to some of the same tactics.  Unfortunately, affiliate marketing also takes much of the blame for this and affiliate marketers themselves have to compete with this type of stigma hanging over them.

Affiliate marketing is a business and most people who want to start out do not want to run a business.  They want to make money now without doing any work; they want instant results from doing nothing.  Well, as soon as that system becomes available I want to know so I can buy it for myself.

Seriously though, affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for many people and the opportunity for you to have a part time or full time business online.  Keep this in mind, just like any other business, offline or online, affiliate marketing does involve learning certain skills, techniques and strategies that make it work.  One of the most valuable strategies is that of building your own mailing list.  This is definitely something that has been proven time and time again over the years.

Running your own business also takes determination and a willingness to take action, but something that is even more required is that of patience.  Don’t expect to retire overnight as this will not happen.  The key is planning and building a structure that you can follow each day by finishing projects and following through with others.  Finally, take the time to learn the things you do not understand reach out if you have to and remember, you can make it happen if you really want to.

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