Title Pages with Keywords




Title Pages with Keywords


The biggest mistake that new internet marketers make when building their website for affiliate marketing programs is using the wrong title.  Putting the name of your business entity, the name of your affiliate marketing business or the name of your affiliate marketing program is the wrong way for a title.

When a person enters a search term with any search engine, it is highly unlikely that your business name is a major keyword.  That is unless you are a household name such as coke, and odds are that your business name is not a household name.  So, your title needs to have the keywords that you have chosen put in it.

If using html you would put the text for your title between the <title> and </title> this will show up in your browsers title bar as the page is being viewed.  If you are using a cut and paste program like WYSIWYG, just type in the text for the title field.

This is very important as the title tag is used by most search engines to list your website.  Also, each of your inner website pages must have its own title page, just the same as the home page of your website.  Many new internet marketers forget about this step as they are building their website.

Try using a variation and combination of your keywords for each individual page of your site.  This will help in listing your web pages in the search engines for several different keywords or keyword phrases.  Don’t use the same keywords over and over again on each page title.  You should be using many different keywords for your affiliate marketing programs, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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