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With the increase of internet marketers brought on by the global economic downturn, online businesses are now searching for new and up to date marketing methods.  Marketing pros are scrambling to develop new techniques and to provide new skills for eager customers wanting valuable information to increase their profits.


The constant demand for up to date internet marketing techniques and strategies has drastically grown into what is called, internet marketing strategies.  There are a lot of online businesses that are willing to build your website customer base, and of course charge a substantial fee in the process.  One way that you can start building your own customer base for free is by building your own opt in list.

Opt in list building requires the permission of a willing customer or visitor to subscribe to your marketing materials, promotional materials that can take the form of newsletters, free ebooks, and promotional mailings via email. The more opt-in mailings that you send, the more chances you will have at making sales and eventually even more sales. To do this, you must first build a list from all the people who want to subscribe to your opt in email list.

From your list, you will get your targeted customer, this is a good list since they already have shown interest in what you have to offer and sell since they have willingly agreed to be on your list. These are the people who have liked what they have seen on your website and have decided they want to see more and maybe even purchase what ever product or service your online business or website has to offer.

Many people would think that building their lists would take hard work and a lot of time to build and collect names and addresses. This is not so, it does take patience and some strategies but in doing this list, you open your website and your online business to a whole new world of target customers. Take the effort to take your business to a new level, if traffic increase and good profits are what you want, an opt in list will do the trick for your online business venture.

There are many sources and articles in the internet available for everyone to read and follow in building a list. Sometimes they may be confusing because there are so many ideas and different ways.  Many gurus or experienced internet marketers have their own strategies and approaches when building an opt in list.  But with all the different methods of building an opt in list, there are still some critical points that you cannot afford to leave out of you marketing efforts.

Use a professional opt in form to capture you website visitors information immediately by placing the form at the very top right of your home page or immediately after the first paragraph.  While some people think that this is too early to ask for subscriber information, you must realize that you only have a window opportunity of a few seconds to catch your visitor’s attention.

As mentioned above, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your sites visitors.  Make your home page striking and include valuable and rich content.  Your website should be useful and your website visitors should be able to navigate with ease.  Don’t over do it with the graphics on your home page.  If your main page is slow in loading due to a large amount of graphics, you will end up losing most of your sites visitors.  People do not want to spend time waiting for web pages to load.  

Offer valuable information that pertains to your website theme or topic.  Provide good service and offer products that your visitors need or want.  Do some research on your particular topic and come up with your own data base of questions and answers.  Use this information to build your content and general information.  A visitor is more likely to return if they know that your website has information or resources that they can use.  

Consider using private label rights articles or plr products for your website.  Plr products offer a wide variety uses and can be used in many different ways to create valuable resources for your subscribers.

Remember, not every visitor to your website will end up being a subscriber of yours.  That is why you need to take advantage of every resource and strategy available to help build your opt in list.


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