The Best Ways To Make Money Online

Through Affiliate Marketing and Your List



Unless you're fortunate to have thousands of visitors to your sites each and everyday, making money online will be somewhat difficult.  One of the best ways to make money online has been proven through affiliate marketing and the use of a mailing list that you build. 

List building and internet marketing go hand in hand.  Without both parts working for you it will continually seem like an uphill battle with internet marketing.  List building just happens to be the most important part and the one part that constantly stays on top of things to do for any internet marketer.  You could easily say that a marketers list is their bread and butter when it comes to their online business.  So literally speaking, if you do not take the time to build a marketing list for your online business, than your efforts are somewhat being wasted.

If another marketer happens to tell you that a list is not important to make money online, than they possess two things that only a small percentage of businesses have. 


  • The first is traffic - they obviously have an endless supply of traffic to their site that ultimately purchases products that they offer.

  • The second is a unique product or service that nobody else has.  This makes it easier to market as the selling source is limited to their site.

So, if you do not have an endless supply of willing customers that visit your site or a unique product or service that very few have, than you need to build a list.

Since list building is one of the best ways to make money online, let’s concentrate on effective ways to build a better opt-in list for you.

The first method that you can start out with is article marketing.  Articles have a way of producing traffic that is unique or targeted to what your offer or niche is about.  You simply need to write articles that average between 400-500 words per article and include primary keywords that reflect the theme of your site.  Also, at the end of each article is what’s called an author or resource box that allows you to advertise your site or product offer which includes a link back to your site.

The major advantage of writing articles and submitting them online to directories is having the opportunity to connect with potential customers.  Readers of your articles will visit your site to find out more about your offers and have the opportunity to opt-in to your list.  On top of that, articles provide your website with valuable backlinks or one way links that point to your website or blog.  These are extremely important for purposes of gaining searching engine traffic by increasing the link popularity of your sites.  Another advantage of article marketing will be the awareness that you will create by having your articles circulated throughout the internet.  Overtime this will build credibility with readers and customers and at the same time help to build you as an authority within your niche market.

Now, if you happen to be one of those people who feels insecure with your writing abilities, than consider outsourcing the job with freelancers or ghostwriters who can do it for you.  If that is not an option than consider the alternative of joining a free private label rights membership site.  You can easily pick up free content to start with (I wouldn’t suggest doing all your work with the free private label rights content as the number of people who received the same material could be in the thousands) Just remember one important rule with any PLR content that you use.  The content needs to be edited or simply rewritten in order to make the content original.

Another great method that is easily used to promote peoples website is with blog commenting and forum marketing.  Simply join forums that relate to your websites theme or topic and leave informative and useful comments that others will find interesting.  The same thing goes with blog posting, find blogs that are related to your own theme or topic and start following them and leaving comments that are worthwhile for others.  People reading these comments over time will see you as an authority with your niche and visit your website where you can offer them the opportunity to opt-in to your list.

Building an opt-in list for your online business is going to be one of the best ways to make money online for you.  All of the top internet marketers have known for years that having a list was the key to making money online.  Today, not one of them will tell you that their list isn’t their bread and butter or the most important part of their business.  They fully understand that internet marketing needs list building in order to achieve any level of success online.

You can easily begin today by building your list with these tactics and others that are even more effective at gaining subscribers for your opt-in.

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