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 Put Video On Website

Most people when thinking about putting video on their website immediately think about using Youtube videos. If you want to put video on website, sure using Youtube videos will save you bandwidth as they host the videos, but if it’s your website which you use for business, you should almost never use them.

Add video to website with a professional software tool that is easy to use and only takes minutes to set up. Youtube videos are perfect for personal use, but when it comes to your website and business, they are not professional videos.

Youtube videos are not professional and could damage your business image. Also, the logo of Youtube always appears on the bottom right corner of the video. Youtube videos after showing the original video have small thumbnails of other videos that are similar to yours and your business. A customer might see the video of one of your competitors and decide to visit their website instead. You need your visitor or customer to be able to focus on your website without any other distraction.

Youtube videos are sometimes slow in loading and you might be unlucky and have your video scroll the dreaded message “we’re sorry, this video is no longer available” Now that will hurt your visitor or future customer.

You have no control over the quality of the video that you submit to Youtube. So, if the quality isn’t good, the visitor might think the same about your business as well.


New Software Puts Video On Your Website In 10 Minutes!

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Add video to any website

With Video Web Wizard you are in control. Completely user friendly, easy to use, and you can make professional looking videos in minutes. You will be able to brand your videos with logo, copyright, company name, or any image that reflects your website.

There is also a feature to set a URL in so when the video is done playing, the visitor is redirected to a site of your choosing. This feature is great for the affiliate marketer to use.

If you want to compete on the internet today, put video on website using the most professional software tool for videos. Adding video to websites will never be easier than by using Video Web Wizard.

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