Promote Your Website for Free

Promote Your Website for Free



I hear many people all the time commenting that they need more traffic to their website or blog.  I have mentioned many times that some of the best ways to bring traffic to your website is by using free methods.  Once again, a lot of people don’t believe that it’s possible using only free methods.

Well, let’s take a look at many of the options available that can drive targeted visitors to your website.


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  • Use a signature add with your emails - Just think of all the emails that you send out to friends or relatives.  Instead of just signing with your name, start promoting your website.  A typical example of an email signature to promote your website could look something like this:  Get FREE access to the largest collection of Business Report content on the internet... ==> http://www.YOURSITE.COM  - Very simple to do and that signature ends up becoming a mini advertisement for your website.

  • Yahoo Answers - You’ll have to sign up for a yahoo account, but this could be very rewarding for you.  Search for questions that relate to your affiliate marketing program.  Take some time and answer people’s questions, and then direct them to your website.  You can go here to sign up:

  • Start Making Friends - With the number of social networking sites that have sprouted up over the last couple of years, it shouldn’t be hard meeting other network marketers.  Start introducing yourself and your website to the world.

  • Submit Testimonials to Ezines - Sign up to free ezines and if you like what you see, offer a testimonial.  There are literally thousands of ezines on the internet for you to subscribe to.

  • Start Writing Articles - Start your article marketing campaign and submit your articles to directories.  Articles are probably the best source of free traffic generation on the internet today.  

These are just some of the free methods that are available to promote your website.  Just remember, you won’t accomplish anything if you don’t get started.

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