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Most internet marketers already know that the secret to success with any online business is traffic.  However, not just any traffic, but targeted website traffic.  This is traffic that is willing to spend money on your niche products or services.

Are you like most online businesses and suffering from a lack of targeted website traffic?  Well, the first thing you need in order to increase website traffic is to create unique content that you can use for your website, blog or your own internet article marketing.  Article marketing is nothing more than an advertising method.

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If you are not using internet article marketing for your own advertising campaign, it is highly recommended that you start.  Reports from article marketing information indicate that writing articles is growing in popularity with those that are seeking free website traffic.

Article marketing is not new; it has been around since the internet began.  It is extremely regarded as one of the best ways to generate free website traffic for your online business.  Many internet marketers fail with article marketing for one reason or another.  But one of the biggest problems is not having enough resource material to write their articles or the time it takes to research the material itself.

This should not be a problem as you can use private label rights or plr articles.  With private label rights you can obtain an endless supply of articles for any niche topic you have.  The main point to remember when using plr articles is that the articles must be rewritten in order for them to be effective.  

Most internet marketers hate the idea of having to rewrite the plr articles in order to use them.  Don’t be discouraged by this, rewriting the plr articles are actually very easy to do.  
You don’t have to rewrite the entire plr article to create a new article.  On the whole you want the search engines to believe you did.  As for the best way to do this, start by rearranging a few sentences, change the background of a few sentences in each paragraph, and try shifting the order of your paragraphs at the very least.  

By rearranging the wording of a sentence, you now have new content, but the sentence keeps its unique meaning.  Not all sentences need to be reworded as such.  While your goal is to basically keep the search engines from hitting you with duplicate content, make sure your articles are easy to understand for your readers.

Private label rights articles that you entirely rewrite can be submitted to article directories to be published on the internet.  And since blogging is rising in popularity and many internet marketers are using blogs to support their websites, plr articles that you rewrite can be used to post on your blog as well.  

While it is simple to rewrite private label rights or plr articles, most internet marketers pass over this step due to a lack of effort.  If you want to create free website traffic you must be willing to put a little effort and time into building your online business.

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