Preparing Yourself For The Next JV Giveaway Event

Preparing Yourself For The Next

JV Giveaway Event



One of the best ways to brand yourself as an internet marketer is through e-book marketing, and there is no better promotional venue than a JV giveaway event.  A giveaway event opens the door for e-book marketing, software, ecourses, tutorials and many other items that people are interested in getting, for free.  The giveaway event is also one of the fastest ways for you to increase the number of subscribers on your list.

Each year, there are countless numbers of JV giveaway events being offered online.  Some are general category dealing with internet marketing, but there are also special giveaway events centered around individual niche markets that basically draw an interest from targeted audiences.


However, the first thing that you need to do is prepare yourself for any upcoming giveaway event that you would like to join.  The following is a basic example of what you need and does not reflect other options or alternatives that might be available to you.

  • Get yourself a domain where you will be able to host any offers for a giveaway event.
  • Get yourself a hosting account so you can build thank you pages, download pages, landing pages and more for your offers.
  • Get yourself a professional autoresponder account that will allow you to generate what is called an opt in form, which is placed on what is called your squeeze page.  The squeeze page allows you to collect names and email addresses of people that are interested in your product offers.
  • Next, you need to create a gift that you can offer for the giveaway event.  Most internet marketers will create their own free reports and offer giveaway rights to them so anyone else who gets the report can do the same.  This is good way to brand yourself and generate a viral marketing effect.  On the same token, a lot of internet marketers will also combine several or more reports and create their own e-books that they will offer for each specific giveaway event.  This again is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to focus on e-book marketing.

Of course, if you're like most people and do not have a lot of time to research topics and write reports, you might consider using PLR content.  With PLR or private label rights content the subject you are interested in has already been researched for you, at least to some degree.  The PLR content can be used as your own or you can edit it as you want, thereby creating a more unique report or e-book.

Another alternative is to use products that come with branding rights.  These are products that other people have created with links to various money making opportunities.  The difference is that they allow you to brand the e-books or other products with your own personal links.  This method saves you time and money and still gives you the opportunity to make money, even though you are offering it as a gift.

There are many different options available
to you for creating your own gift for any purpose, whether it is for a giveaway event or some other promotional event.  You just need to be creative in your thinking and not be intimidated by what you see online.

Next, you need to create a squeeze page or opt in page that will present your offer.  A squeeze page is simply an ordinary web-page that generally has an image of your gift, a picture of yourself, some important and detailed facts about your gift, and the most important element, the opt in form from your auto-responder.  The primary function of the squeeze page is to collect visitors data, as nothing else really matters here!  The squeeze page is designed for one purpose, to collect names and email addresses.  It is not for advertising, banners, text ads or anything else, as this may distract visitors from opting into your program.

After you have created your squeeze page the next thing is to create the download page for your product.  Every internet marketer has their own way of creating download pages and the process is entirely up to you.  However, this is a good opportunity for creating a funnel for other affiliate offers that you might have.  Many call this one time offers, bonus offers, unadvertised offers or thank you promotions.  It doesn't matter what you call it, the point is that you offer something of value that relates to your gift or product. 

Here's a good example of some bonus offers that I place on some of my download pages.
Visit one of my bonus pages:

The last thing that you need to prepare yourself for any giveaway event is to create a sequence of messages that you will put into your autoresonder.  A good rule of thumb for creating what most marketers call follow up messages, is simply to offer good content. 

That's basically what you need to get involved with any type of JV giveaway event.  It might sound a little confusing or look complicated, but like everything else in life, practice is the key.  The important thing to remember is that you shouldn't feel intimidated by other marketers or even the process.  List building and email marketing is vital for your success as an internet marketer.  That's why getting involved with any JV giveaway event is the perfect opportunity for you to build your list.

Written by:  K.Ho




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