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Private Label Rights Products, Content and Articles

No matter what type of private label rights products you buy or receive, always check the license that comes with it. The license will tell you exactly what rights you have regarding the plr product.

a) eBooks - another name for them is digital books. Plr eBooks are one of the most popular as they are sometimes easier to re-sell. Customers like them because of the information available in them. Check the license to be sure, edit some of the content and if the product is older, change the cover.

b) Plr Software - Plr software will come with its own header, buttons and ads. Check the license as you might be able to change these if the owner allows it. You will be able to add links with the software package that can point to your site

c) Private Label Rights Articles - probably the most popular of the plr products. Check the license with these as there can be different terms. Usually you will be able to edit them and add them as content to your website, blog or newsletter. NOTE: if you plan on submitting them to article directories - you must re-write the entire article.

d) Plr Video - Don’t think about changing the content and check the license that comes with it. You should be able to add your name as the author.

Private Label Rights

These you will have total control over. They will include a source files, you will be able to change the name, the title, any graphics, edit as you see fit, and the sales page. You will be able to author it and claim it as your own. You can offer product as resell, master resell and private label rights

Resell Rights

This will allow you to resell the product. (check the license as it sometimes has a minimum sale price) You will not be able to sell the master resell rights to this product. Once again check the license for any additional information.

Master Resell Rights

With this product you can give it away, resell it with the master resell rights, bundle it with other products and sell it as your own product. Check the license, sometimes master resell rights products come with a ready made website template, sales page, and other information that will help you to sell it.

Give away rights

Check the license with this type of product. Basically it allows you to give the product away as a promotional bonus for subscribers to your website or newsletter. This type does not allow you to sell the product.


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