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No Matter What You’re Doing, You Still Need 



How many of you have tried over and over again with some kind of affiliate marketing program and never made a dime?  You follow all the sales pitches and techniques thrown at you from the big marketing guru’s and still end up with nothing.  It took me a long time to figure out that the secret (and it really isn’t a secret) to affiliate marketing is finding a niche and driving targeted traffic to your website or blog.

So where will all the traffic come from?  Think for a moment at the millions of people each and everyday from around the world that are searching for information on the internet.  A huge majority of those people searching are future customers or buyers who are willing to pay for products, services or information that they need.  By marketing your niche product the correct way you can drive targeted traffic to your site.

The first thing you need to do is have your website pages optimized with valuable content that pertains to the niche that you are marketing.  Don’t make the mistake that most affiliate marketers make and that is trying to sell the traffic when they first visit their site. Give your traffic something valuable to read that is in direct relationship to the niche that they are interested in.  

Your website content is what will keep your visitors fascinated with your site and help in keeping them to return.  Write your content in such a way that it helps your visitors solve problems that they are searching for.  This will help to build trust with your audience as they continue to read your pages and it also makes them feel more comfortable that you are referring and not selling something.

Next, you need to begin article marketing for your niche website.  Write informative article content that will draw your reader’s attention and in return will drive that traffic to your site.  Your articles should also be optimized with good keywords relating to your niche and than laid out throughout your articles.  A good point to remember about your keywords; try focusing on long tail keywords for your niche instead of using the most popular ones.  Just remember when researching for your keywords, if you want to generate targeted traffic to your site, go after keywords with the least amount of competition in your niche market.

Keep in mind that the keyword density and the placement of keywords are important for the optimization of your articles in regards to the search engines.  Proper placement of keywords makes it easier for the search engines to recognize your keywords and thereby helps in having your article show up when a person does a search for your particular keywords.

If you want your articles to build trust in the eyes of prospective customers, than don’t make the mistake of selling your products with them.  Write your articles in the same way as the content on your website, by giving answers to people searching in your niche market.  Give your readers information and offer tips that will help them to answer their questions.  

Article marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website.  Also, it does require effort and patience on your part as it does involve writing many articles and than submitting the finished articles to free article directories.  By using the author bio box you will also be able to create valuable backlinks to your site which also helps in page ranking.  

Remember, traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog on the internet.  Without traffic your site is just one of the hundreds of millions of pages that never get noticed.

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